Alyssa Martin is a sales copywriter & brand messaging strategist for difference makers & creative entrepreneurs who want their business to make an impact

Can you imagine yourself making an extra $24,000 from just 1 sales page that brings in only the BEST clients?

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Before you dismiss that idea as a real possibility for you, let me tell you what I know is true for you...

You’ve got this cool service. You know it’s cool. You know it helps people. You know it’s got a lot of value. It’s a game changer for your clients. It changes lives.

But you’re having a hard time getting that value across to people.

Of course, once they experience it, they often rave about it.


But . . . how do you even get them to have that life changing experience?

How do you get them clear about what it is you do?


If only you could find the right words (and express yourself without sounding salesy & gross)…

The irony is that, 1-on-1, you know you’re passionate about your work. You can sit down with someone, listen closely & excitedly talk about how you can help them. No shouting or hype-y promises.

Because you’re not interested in forcing someone to work with you.

You can stand behind the quality of your work & you only want to work with people who value that.

Yet, somehow, you’re afraid that if you start writing your sales page you’ll turn into ONE OF THOSE SHOUTY INTERNET MARKETERS.

Thankfully, I’m now completely cured of this debilitating, business-crushing disease & you can be too.


Here’s the secret to a sales page that sells & feels good

The entire purpose of a sales page is about helping readers figure out – quickly – whether your service is a fit for them.


That’s it.

I’m writing this sales page right now & I don’t feel like I’m trying to trick you or manipulate you into working with me. In fact, there’s a 99% chance that you’re not right for this – and that’s ok.

I’m simply giving you all the information you need to decide for yourself if this is the right opportunity for you in your business right now.

I’m only talking to the few special people who will be thinking, “omg, I wish my sales page had that vibe! This is exactly what I need right now!

If that’s you, yay – keep reading.

If that’s not you, that’s fine too. We can just be friends.

That feeling is liberating. I want it for you too.

Even better than that…

What I teach brings in ONLY the clients who make your business a joy to run

A great sales page sounds like you’re talking to a friend, 1-to-1.

Imagine if you could take a conversation with your friend – all the questions, all the time & care & compassion you put into it - - and “scale” it to help dozens of other people. That’s what a real sales page does.


As a service provider, you’ve got to think about sales differently. Making tonnes of sales is NOT the only factor you need to consider.

Your sales page is not a huge bear trap that you try to throw over everyone. It’s a filter you use to make sure that only the right people buy what you have to offer.

There’s no point attracting hundreds of new, high paying clients if they make you want to stab yourself in the eye with a rusty fork.

You only want the clients that will appreciate your expertise & be willing to pay you well for it.

Because if your business is full of pain-in-the-butt clients, you might as well go back to your old j-o-b. It’d be way less stressful.


The Sales Page Masterclass


Starting in...

This LIVE masterclass will give you a step-by-step, repeatable process to write a sales page that lets more of the BEST CLIENTS through your digital door.

The Sales Page Masterclass is going to change your thinking about sales pages.

You don’t need to re-invent the wheel every damn time you write a new sales page. (Just the thought of that makes me want to tear my hair out… and I’m a pro at this.)

If it would feel like a miracle for you to find it honest, natural & easy to write your next sales page – you’re exactly the kind of person I want to invite to this masterclass.

If you own a business that means more to you than a paycheck... If you want to work with clients because you truthfully love them and what you do… And if you genuinely want to stop playing a game and start making things happen, this is for you.

We'll be jumping on a LIVE masterclass call together at:

  • Monday, 5 December 2016 at 1:00:00 PM, PST
  • Monday, 5 December 2016 at 4:00:00 PM, EST
  • Monday, 5 December 2016 at 9:00:00 PM, GMT
  • Tuesday, 6 December 2016 at 8:00:00 AM, AEDT


What do I get when I sign up for the Sales Page Masterclass?


A sales page blueprint that will attract your ideal client and repel those who will never hire you.

Get a sales page ‘blueprint’ that you can replicate for any project you launch in the future. Never fumble over your sales page again. Just copy the structure, tweak & go. Hook people with your words alone.

Daily email prompts

You’ll get mini action items to prepare you for the masterclass & make sure you’ve got all your ducks in a row. These emails will get you taking action even before the masterclass starts, so that when it does, you’re ready to jump “write in.” (See what I did there?) 

Live, action-packed masterclass

A small group setting so that you have the opportunity to ask your Qs & get As in a safe space full of other entrepreneurs who are facing the same challenges. The live session will be all about ACTION, not just hypothetical theories that you won’t know how to apply.

Lifetime access to the recording

Listen anytime. Even if you’re not writing another sales page until next year, this recording will have you covered. Listen back over & over for copywriter-in-your-pocket support.

VIP Members Only: Personal feedback from a pro (that’s me!)

Get your questions answered by me personally. Ask questions & get answers the same day. For an entire week (even though that would normally cost you $1,500).

Because sometimes it's nice to have a little extra reassurance. And a cheerleader in your back pocket.


AAAAND... These bonuses


Bonus #1

Evernote swipe file
of 10 awesome sales pages

Get real life examples without the comparisonitis that sometimes comes with that. You’ll see how creatives outside your niche are structuring & writing their sales pages to get results.

Bonus #2

10 guarantees for you to steal

Smart guarantees eliminates the risk your customer feels about your service. Will this work for me? Is this as good as they say on the sales page? These guarantees will help you figure out what type of guarantee to offer & how to word it.

Bonus #3

7 persuasion levers for your sales page

These will help you understand what you’re doing & why, so that you can ‘see’ where you can make your copy even more believable. You can pull these 7 levers in your sales page when you feel like it’s not hitting your message home.

Bonus #4

100 greatest headlines of
all time cheat sheet

8 out of 10 people will read your headline, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest… which makes headlines the most important thing you'll write. This cheat sheet will give you a tried & tested inspiration source of the best headlines ever written. They’re guaranteed to work.

Bonus #5

Evernote sales page checklist

Worried you won’t be able to replicate the blueprint I teach you on your own? This checklist has got you covered. Save it into your Evernote & refer back to it anytime you get stuck writing your sales pages in the future. It’ll give you confirmation that you’re on the right track in 2 minutes flat.

Bonus #6

Secret walkthrough of the persuasive
secrets behind this very sales page

Want to know why I write what I write & how I’ve structured it for maximum impact? You’ve got it. I’m going to give you a video tour of this very sales page to explain the secrets behind it.


If you're looking to accelerate your sales page, I've put together a VIP program that includes everything I listed above and...


7 Days of Personal Feedback

Get access to me for 7 days in the comments section of your Google Doc.

“Alyssa, is this headline compelling enough?” I’ll be there to answer your questions within 24hrs of you asking them. You literally can’t get that anywhere else.

A Superstar Jam Session

Stuck? I’ll help you get unstuck. Get a 45 minute 1-on-1 session with me within 60 days of the masterclass.

We’ll walk through your final draft sales page together on Skype & Google Docs to help add the finishing touches.


But it's for VIPs only!


I’m attracting my dream clients with precision - and that's priceless

“Before I worked with Alyssa, I was casting a wide net to a broad audience & just hoping that my dream clients would get my vibe. The financial investment worried me too, but it was worthwhile. Alyssa is a thought-leader in the copywriting space & it was definitely a smart investment.

By working with Alyssa, I managed to develop a clear brand message and put it boldly out into the world. I love that Alyssa can take what I say, rework it, and write stellar copy!

Now, I have a great copywriting toolkit that I can use when I need to further refine my messaging. I feel comfortable about my brand message & I’m attracting my dream clients with precision - and that is priceless.

Honestly, you need to be committed to the process and do the work, if you're going to work with her. Putting my new message out to the world was also the hardest thing I've done in a while - so I found courage & strength in the process. It was definitely worth the hard work!

--- Merryn Padgett, Earth & Sea Creative


Get the secrets to writing honest, conversational sales pages... even if you have no idea where to start


This Sales Page Masterclass is all about taking action. You’ll be guided every step of the way with small daily actions, so that you’re making steady progress towards to sales page of your dreams.

One of my superpowers is breaking down complicated stuff into easy-to-follow, plain language, so you don’t have to worry about getting stressed or overwhelmed. Hooray!

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Here’s how the masterclass will go:

  1. The minute you join, you'll receive your first email to help you plan your week & make sure you’ve set aside time to do the work that’ll set you up for success.
  2. I’ll ask you some questions about your business & the service you’re writing a sales page for. I’m keeping the group small so that I can genuinely get to know you.
  3. Every day during the week leading up to the masterclass, you’ll get another email with a small action item that’ll inch you closer & closer to the dreamy sales page that you hope for. Think: small, do-able actions that’ll take you 30mins or less to tick off your to-do list.
  4. We’ll have a LIVE 2 hour masterclass that’ll help you pull your sales page together.
  5. We’ll wrap up with a group Q&A session so that you can have your questions personally answered by me. 
  6. VIP ONLY: 7 days of personal feedback. We’ll be chatting back & forth in the comments section of your Google Doc as much as you need for 7 whole days.
  7. VIP ONLY: 45min Superstar Jam Session. We'll get together, one on one, over Skype & Google Docs to nut out any last niggles you've got with your sales page & get it ready for publishing.

Most importantly...

This masterclass is about taking ACTION and getting your next sales page finally written. It’s not just theory that you don’t know what to do with.

Get your paper, grab your pen, and settle in for some straight up doing! 


But I’m kind of scared of sales pages.

Fair enough! Especially if you’re new to honest, conversational, non-slimy sales pages. It’s completely natural to have fears about it.

Let’s see if I can clear it all up for you…


Sales Page Fear #1: Aren’t all sales pages sleasy & pushy?

Everyone asks this question, and a lot of people are afraid of feeling like a used car salesman. But that only happens when you’re writing something that you wouldn’t say in real life.

The solution? The masterclass will give you all the tools you need to talk to your clients like real people, as if you were sitting beside them. Listen to your gut. Our motto will be: if it feels icky, do it differently.



Sales Page Fear #2: Won’t I sound fake & full of myself?

The very fact that you’re worried about that means it’s NOT in your nature to be arrogant. In fact, you’re probably more prone to underselling yourself. When in doubt, we’ll revert back to our masterclass motto: if it feels icky, do it differently.



Sales Page Fear #3: What if I don’t want to be a sleaze that manipulates my potential client’s fears?

We’re going to acknowledge that their pain sucks, just like you would with a friend. That’s all it takes. Your potential clients want to feel understood. A good sales page is full of empathy, not fear.


Less fluff & more writing with intent

“I loved the writing prompts. The templates helped give me a great starting point to getting more laser focused copy. Less fluff and more writing with intent.

Since my brand has so much more of ME infused into it, I no longer feel awkward and I don't really question my verbiage constantly. If it feels like something I would say, I just say it. I've learned that in order to turn people on you're inevitably going to turn people off and that's ok.

Alyssa is such a dream to work with. She listens really well & helps you find the messages that are hiding deep down inside your soul. She then helps you draw them out in a way that makes everything in you click into place. You have to do a lot of soul searching, writing, & research on your end, but her insights as an observer are magical.”

-- Adina Segal, Bunny Bear Press

Ok! I’m about 90% in.

But what kind of results can I expect?

These are all real-life scenarios that my clients or I have experienced (without trickery or manipulation)

100X ROI from 1 sales page
$90,000 launch
50% increase in bookings within 6 weeks
10-15 times more subscribers each month
Quadrupled prices to keep up with demand
Approached by influencers wanting to become clients
Got booked out 3 months in advance

join the masterclass

Only 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 spot

Note: Your 2 payments will be 30 days apart.

become a

Only 3 2 1 spot

Note: Your 2 payments will be 30 days apart.


How do I know if the sales page masterclass is right for me?

No single offer is right for everyone. Before you read any further, I want to make sure this masterclass is right for YOU.

If you can put a big, positive “check mark” next to the points below, then I’d say you’re exactly who I’d love to work with in the Sales Page Masterclass:

  • You already have a service or digital product that you charge $500 or more for.

  • You know your service makes an impact. You now just need to articulate it’s value & get it into the hands of the people who need it most.

  • You know EXACTLY who your dream client is (and you’d never dream of listing something as vague as “women between 18 -60”).

  • You’re ready to sell to better (the best!) clients & weed out the ones that make your life difficult.

  • You’re in business to make a difference. You genuinely care about your message & the people it serves.

  • You’re an action taker. You’re committed to giving this masterclass your best effort, and enthusiastically put in the work knowing that it will turn your passion into something (more) profitable.

What this masterclass is not

  • This is NOT a place for beginners who haven’t worked with their first client yet. You need to have an offer & know without a doubt who you want to walk through your digital doors. You’ll get even better results with a well performing, proven service.

  • This is NOT a magic bullet. I can give you the structure you need for your sales page, but you still need to sit down & do the writing.

  • This is NOT a large event. I am limiting spots to 11 max.

And this is NOT just about the money either!

Yes -- the financial success will come. But what is REALLY the point of getting more clients & more sales?

Sure, making more money is a nice little ego boost. But there’s something bigger at play here – sharing what you do in order to help others. People out there are battling away with something and YOU have the answer to their problems.

Finding the perfect way to talk about your work on your sales page is really about getting your work into the hands of the people who need it most.


Selling is helping.

Whether it’s beautiful design, healthy living, useful business tools or helping folks make breakthroughs in their personal lives.

Behind your business there is a purpose…

And I’m here to help you share that purpose with the entire world. (Hmmm are you starting to see a hint of what MY “big purpose” for this program is?)

I want you to be able to proudly tell the world that you’re really good at what you do, so that your dream clients will leap at the chance to work with you. Because that’s the first step to you changing their lives.


Here’s some other options you can also consider to finally take your sales page from snooze fest to sales bonanza


1. Write your sales page with free advice that you find on Google

You can try to write your sales page with advice found on Google – but how do you know the advice is quality?

How do you know it will work for you & not against you? Will Google give you feedback? Will Google give you a step-by-step action plan?

It’s tough to wade through all the free advice online to figure out what’s the right path for you. It can takes years of banging your head against the wall. (Don’t worry – we’ve all done it.)

2. Hire a copywriter… every damn time

You could hire me to write your sales page for you. And it’d cost $5,000. (There’s even bigger, better copywriters out there than me—and they charge quadruple that & take a cut of your profits.)

But where does that really get you?

You might get your sales page back & still feel uncomfortable about how it sells you… even after you’d paid 5x what this masterclass costs. You’d want to dial it down. Make yourself more vanilla. Because someone else has taken charge of those words not you, so they feel out of your control.


Or you could learn the sales page formula that takes every ounce of slime out of the process & let’s you feel like you’re just chatting to a friend. No pressure. Just good ol’ fashion helpful information, so that the right clients book & the wrong clients leave.


Let’s rethink your sales page so that you get results
(with heart & smarts)

Let’s say that you sell your service for $1,000.

And imagine that your brand new wiz-bang sales page gets you ONE extra client per month. That’s totally achievable.

With just 1 extra client per month, that’s an extra $12,000 per year.

what if you got 2 extra clients per month from your new sales page? That would give you an extra $24,000 per year. That's also very achievable.

And all you will have done to earn that extra revenue is change the words on your page.

Even if you don't have capacity for 2 extra clients, you'll increase demand for your services so much that you can increase your prices. 

Either way, you’ve made your money back in the first month (or less).

But, since it’s not just about the cash, there’s another important thing to point out about learning to write your own sales copy…

The confidence that comes from selling your work in a loud, proud voice filters through everything in your business.

This will be the foundation of your business -- knowing how to sell yourself.

You’ll know how to speak to your clients & that will extend to all your blogs, newsletters, FB ads, social media – literally anything you can think of that promotes your work.

The sales page is the foundation of your offer that will trickle out into everything!

This is a no-brainer. But, of course, that’s for you to decide. You’ve got this.


join the masterclass

Only 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 spot

Note: Your 2 payments will be 30 days apart.

become a

Only 3 2 1 spot

Note: Your 2 payments will be 30 days apart.


Are you ready to actually make things happen in your business?

I’m sure you already know that you’ve got something other people need.

You’ve probably have a vision of changing the world in some way, while also building the life, creating the freedom, and earning the income you’ve dreamed of.

Guess what?

You also deserve clients that make you feel good & appreciate your work.

If other people don’t see it that way, then it’s time to get better at conveying your true value

You don’t always have to learn more or become more; sometimes, it’s just about getting clear on what you’re already really, really good at, and letting that take center stage.  Own it.  

And that starts with writing a sales page that oozes value.

The skills you’ll learn in the Sales Page Masterclass will help get your work into the hands of the people who need it most, so that you can make an even bigger difference.

Because when you make (more) money from your work, it has the power to reach & help more people. People don't value what they get for free - if they pay for it, they value it & your work makes a bigger impact.

best of all...

  • You don’t have to be an established business that’s been around for 5 -10 years.
  • You don’t need a ton of extra time to dedicate to writing.
  • And you definitely don’t need to be a literary genius. (I’m sure not one.)
  • No more spending time convincing people to hire you.
  • No more clients that try to haggle with you on prices (when you know you’re worth more than what you’re asking in the first place!).
  • No more hour-long free strategy sessions where you give someone your time, focus, and energy… only to hear them say, “Oh, I don’t think this is a good fit for me right now.” 


You're just ONE sales page away from changing your business. Forever.


Are you in?

Select your investment option below to get started.


join the masterclass

Only 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 spot

Note: Your 2 payments will be 30 days apart.

become a

Only 3 2 1 spot

Note: Your 2 payments will be 30 days apart.




Not only is Alyssa a great copywriter, she lets your personality show through her writing

“I now have amazing website copy & just by changing the bio’s on my social media to the ones Alyssa wrote, I have more followers. Alyssa pays attention to detail, really listened to my concerns & went the extra mile. Not only is Alyssa a great copywriter, she lets your personality show through her writing. I have more confidence in my own writing & I feel more myself online.”

--- Michaela Latavanha, Bonfires & Ukulele's Design Studio


I'm getting more inquiries about working with me & about 10-15 times more subscribers each month

“After sending out my first email with my new messaging, I got 4 new discovery calls! Even more importantly, I'm getting about 10-15 times more subscribers each month now that I've put the new copy on my current website. That's happening with out any marketing, just from the new messaging & SEO traffic. That is a huge difference!

I'm more clear on my message! And I've started to have more inquiries about working with me! You did a superb job in helping me create excellent copy. I loved your passion and dedication to creating the best copy possible for my business. I really appreciated your keen eye and perspective, as well as knowledge and creativity with writing from the perspective of a writer, coach, and client.

You're the real deal. You care about your client, and how their copy best represents their business and speaks to their potential new client. It was a joy and gift to work with you, Alyssa. Thank you so, so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

--- Angela Patnode,

Alyssa helped push me beyond what I thought I was capable of

"Working with Alyssa was incredibly easy. With her guidance & coaching, I was able to communicate key points about my business on my website clearly and effortlessly. She was worth every penny as she helped push me beyond what I thought I was capable of. I now have more confidence in my writing and am relieved that something I had been putting off for so long is now complete!"

-- Sheila Buchanan,

Working with Alyssa was one of the best things I have ever done for myself & my business.

“Working with Alyssa was one of the best things I have ever done for myself & my business. She’s a genius with words; she’s got the ability to zero in on your ‘mumbo jumbo’ and just make the hazy mess of words in your head into clear, succinct messaging. After working with her, I had copy confidence and just couldn’t wait to get it all up on my website. I actually felt proud that I could finally put into words what I do.”

--- Nathalie Biviano,


My tongue-tied, stuttering half thoughts turned into killer messages

“I feel like I'm finally on the right track. What I liked best was the incredible clarity I got out of working with Alyssa. She was able to take my tongue-tied, stuttering half thoughts and actually turn them into killer messages. Also, she's both personable and professional, & immediately put me at ease.

I will be recommending Alyssa to all of my clients who need some extra help with their copy too! I would tell people -- Wherever you're at with your copy, Alyssa can make it better. She pulls supporting information out of her client's heads & sorts through the rambling to land on just the right messages."

--- Jennifer Crego,

The way your words reach out & pull people in has made a big difference

“I just want to say THANKS - I have a 4-day course next week & it’s totally filled (in fact we may be squishy in the place where I hold it) and I've had to turn people away. My courses don’t usually fill this quickly, and this time we have about 5 more people than average, AND filled earlier than usual too!

A big reason why this class filled so effortlessly is because of the new copywriting - the way your words reach out and pull people in has made a big difference! You rock girl!”

-- Carolyn Cooper,




When is the masterclass? . . .

Find the start date for your closest timezone here:

  • Monday, 5 December 2016 at 1:00:00 PM, PST
  • Monday, 5 December 2016 at 4:00:00 PM, EST
  • Monday, 5 December 2016 at 9:00:00 PM, GMT
  • Tuesday, 6 December 2016 at 8:00:00 AM, AEDT

How long does the live masterclass go for? . . .

2 hours with extra time for a live Q&A if we need it.

What do I need to have ready before the masterclass starts? . . .

Two things:
1. A service that you want to sell
2. A Google Doc ready to write in.

I’ll give you little action steps to get yourself ready before the masterclass. These will help you prepare the Google Doc full of draft content before the masterclass has even started.

How exactly will I be getting the materials? . . .

You’ll get a daily email with a mini action item for you to do each day.

How much time will I need to dedicate to each action email before the masterclass? . . .

No more than 30 minutes each day. But perfection is not the goal here, so 10-15 minutes should be your norm.

I sell digital products or courses. Is this right for me?. . .

Yes -- if your digital product or course is priced at $500 or more, yes. Everything I teach in the masterclass will be equally as effective for digital products as they are for services. The principles for selling your work are the same, no matter what it is you're offering.

Will you help me 1-on-1? . . .

If you snag a VIP spot on the masterclass, yes. We'll have a 45minute power session together AND you’ll have private access to me for 7 days after the masterclass. I’ll be inside your Google Doc where you’ve written your draft & answering your Qs in the comments, so we can have a back-and-forth about any area where you’re stuck.

If you book a regular ol’ spot on the masterclass, there’s no 1-on-1 support.

But what if “I’m not a writer”? . . .

Writing is a skill – one that I can teach you. You don’t need to be the world’s best writer…you just need to write in a way that connects with your audience.

Not by following some “must follow” groan-worthy rules. Not by nitpicking each individual word you’ve written on the page. But by taking your message & crafting it in a way that reaches out and grabs your reader.

As Ernest Hemingway said, “All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.”

I can’t attend the masterclass Live. Will there be a recording? . . .

Sure will. You’ll get lifetime access to the recording so you can work through it anytime – and EVERY TIME you sit down to write your next sales page.

I’m not sure if people will want my service (or product). Is this right for me? . . .

Honestly, no. “A gifted product is mightier than a gifted pen.” - Gary Bencivenga

You can learn to write great sales pages, but your products or services still won’t sell if they aren’t what people want in the first place. Great copy can’t save a bad product or service, so you’d be better off investing time to find out if your offer is something people want before you take the masterclass.

I’ve already got a sales page. It just needs reworking. Is this right for me? . . .

Yes! Half your luck – you can use your sales page as a draft & apply what you learn in the masterclass to help you improve it.

I sell physical products. Is this right for me? . . .

No. This masterclass is designed for those who sell services or digital products.

Is there a guarantee? . . .

You’re your own guarantee, my friend. You do the work, you get results. My job is help you focus your attention on the right areas, so that you’re moving your business in the right direction.

But focus alone won’t get you anywhere. You’ve got to do the work. For that reason, I can’t guarantee what results you’ll get. That ball is fully in your court.

I’m a VIP. How will you provide personal feedback to me? . . .

We’ll chat back & forth in the comments section of your Google Doc so that you can keep track of all the feedback in one, easy place. Use the comments feature in Google Docs to ask me a question & I’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Go wild.

I’m a VIP. Do I get a 1-on-1 call with you? ? . . .

Yes! We'll have a 45minute session that you can schedule up to 60 days after our Masterclass. This 60 days allows you time off over the Christmas break if you need it too, so there's less pressure.

I’m Australian / Canadian & the USD exchange rate is rough. Help! . . .

Don’t worry – you’re not paying a higher price because of the exchange rate. I’m Australian too, so I know all about our crappy exchange rate right now.

I set the price at about AUD$1,000 first, then converted it into USD because it’s more understood amongst my international community.

You’re NOT paying more because you’re Australian, Canadian, etc. You would’ve been paying about AUD$1,000 regardless of which currency it was charged in. Feel better?


join the masterclass

Only 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 spot

Note: Your 2 payments will be 30 days apart.

become a

Only 3 2 1 spot

Note: Your 2 payments will be 30 days apart.