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Hello creative entrepreneur,

If you're anything like me (and everyone else on the planet), it's so much easier to see what makes someone else amazing at what they do, than it is to see what makes YOU different, better & worth working with.

You know that your work makes a positive impact on your clients & helps them achieve their goals, but how do you put that into words? How do you turn that into a memorable brand message -- because you've got to stand out to sell out?

Iā€™m Alyssa Martin & I specialise in helping difference makers & creative entrepreneurs find the words to make their business more meaningful, memorable & profitable, which makes it a whole lot easier to get the attention & clients they deserve. 

If you struggle with:

  • putting words down on the page, but having NO CLUE if they're the right words to get the business results you dream of
  • writing or talking about your work so that it sounds like your real, offline self & not some sleazy used car salesman
  • feeling like nothing you write really makes your work sound as good as it really is (because who ever heard of clients that love wishy washy, unconfident messaging?)
  • finding the right words to make your dream clients sit up, pay attention & run to get their credit card.

I can help!

Join me for a FREE 4-part audio training

You'll get a daily email from me with an audio lesson & worksheet. I'll also invite you to join the Facebook group so that you can bounce ideas & questions off the group & I.

Together, we'll cover...

Day 1:  Get to know who you're trying to attract & where they are in their life or business right this minute.

Day 2:  Laser in on your Big Why - because why you do what you do drives everrrrrything.

Day 3:  Narrow down your special sauce & what makes you different, better & worth working with.

Day 4:  Piece it all together so that you get all your key messages down on one page that you can refer back to over & over. (HINT: This will save you so much umming & ahhhing every time you need to write content for your business.)

Afterwards, you'll know EXACTLY what to say & how to say it so that your brand message will capture your dream clients - hook, line & sinker.