Alyssa Martin is a sales copywriter & brand messaging strategist for difference makers & creative entrepreneurs who want their business to make an impact

Is your boring-ass brand message

blocking the flow of money & clients

into your business?

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You’ve got a business that you care deeply about. And dream clients that you genuinely want to help make big, sweeping changes to their lives or businesses.

You don’t have a shortage of important things to say. You just don’t have the words to write it for maximum impact. Amiright? You try your best, but your words never come out on paper in the way you hope they would.

Maybe you’re experiencing these symptoms of don’t-know-what-to-say-itis:

You’re not short on ideas, but you feel like you can’t put them together in a structured way that resonates with the right people
You’re the President of the On-and-On Club
You struggle with finding your “voice” & walking the fine line between being too professional & too casual
You’re afraid of narrowing down your focus
Your writing feels awkward & inconsistent because you’ve written it piecemeal between clients, deadlines & other responsibilities

You know enough to realise that what you’ve written is not quite right, but you don’t know how to fix it.

And most importantly, you know that you’re missing opportunities because your messaging isn’t clear enough! No question about that.

Here’s the bad news - everything you write about your business is bland because you’re afraid of:

  • standing out
  • being yourself
  • being judged
  • narrowing your market
  • all of the above.

You’re trying to target everyone, instead of the people who would give their first born child to work with you & shout about you from the rooftops – a la Tom Cruise on Oprah’s couch.

That's why I created this Brand Message Overhaul.

How much is vague, forgettable messaging
costing your business?

The entire concept of knowing your purpose & your message can make the difference between success & failure.

If you're not getting the attention, the clients, the cash that you want in your business... that's almost certainly got to do with how you talk about your work.



a clear brand message = more ideal clients = cash in the bank


When you've got smart, strategic copywriting & a clear message, it makes all your other marketing efforts so much more effective.

You know that when you send clients to your website, they'll quickly understand what you do & whether it's right for them. They'll hit the 'buy now' button with speed & confidence.

Even better: those clients totally “get” exactly what you have to offer. They know what to expect, they’re happy to pay for it, & they’re even happier to come back again & again. 

You won't waste time on less-than-ideal clients. Your marketing will run smoothly & get better traction. The results will be real & tangible. 

Lets also be honest -- nearly anyone can go out & get that one time sale. But where we make the money is honing our message, building a reputation, & developing client relationships that keep our pipelines blissfully full.

Copywriting may seem so simple & obvious, yet it's so nuanced & crazy that even getting the "simplest" messaging out of your head & onto the page can often be high drama. 

I'll help you uncover the right words to reach YOUR right people, so that the am-I-doing-this-right overwhelm is completely taken out of the equation for you.

Never have boring messaging again.
Extreme Makeover: Copywriting Edition

**Only 5 spots become available every 12 weeks**



If that's you...
I will work with you one-on-one to make your brand message stand out in all the right ways.

The Brand Message Overhaul is NOT like other copywriting services out there. Only 5 spots become available every 12 weeks or more.

When you work with other copywriters, you fill out a 10-page questionnaire & hope that what comes out the other end sounds like you, speaks to your audience & gets results. It can feel like a leap of faith.

There are no blind leaps of faith required here because I’m not your average copywriter.

A great copywriter can help you create amazing copy, but it’s not their responsibility (or often their skill-set) to help you define your message. But I help you do both.

I don’t just write your messaging & web copy for you – I show you how to write it, so that you can write more confidently & persuasively anytime you need to write something that will be seen by a client.

This is a co-creation process.

It's equal parts copywriting & confidence building.

We’re creating your messaging together, as a team, so that your voice & message is infused at every step of the way.

You write the first drafts before we get together, then we work out of Skype & a Google Doc to make improvements together in real-time. We’ll constantly check in to make sure what I’m typing feels good to you & suits your business. 

**Only 5 spots become available every 12 weeks**

with the Brand Message Overhaul,
you get:

As many pages of client-attracting web copy as you need

You decide on which pages you need & we bring them to life, so that only the BEST clients get through your doors.

Twice monthly 90min creation sessions

After the strategy call, we'll meet every 2 weeks for a 90-minute session where we perfect your copy in real time. Rent my brain, keep the results forever.

Timeless, Fad-free knowledge of how to write your own sales copy

You’ll see for yourself how your draft becomes a persuasive powerhouse, so that you can replicate it for yourself next time you need to.

Client management process & documents (optional)

We’ll make sure your clients are a breeze to work with & know exactly what to expect every step of the way. Think: client welcome packs, proposal documents & whatever else you need.

Deep dive 90min strategy session

We start with an intensive goal setting, message clarifying call. We'll get clear on your brand message & what you want your business to be known for, before we even write a single word of copy.

Implementation weeks

Built in time to take action without feeling overwhelmed by all your existing client work that you need to do. Every second week, we won’t have a call so that you have time to get things done.

A user-friendly website structure

We’ll make sure your dream clients can easily find the information they need to know that they should hire you. We'll streamline your menu and make everything super accessible.

Private Project Zone

You'll get access to a private, shared Google Drive folder where we'll do all our collaborating. It's home to all your worksheets, templates, cheatsheets, call recordings & homework in one go-to location.



Get $597 worth of worksheets, templates & cheat sheets


Writing your own web copy is hard (even if it’s only a draft that you’ll share with me & me only), so I’m taking all the guesswork out of it by giving you all my worksheets, templates & cheatsheets so that you can stop stressing about what to write & how to structure it.

These worksheets give you everything you need to help you write your drafts with ease. These alone sell for $597.

Best of all, if there’s a template that you need that isn’t included in the vault, I’ll create a new one especially for you.



20x Done-For-You Custom Headlines (Value: $200)

They say 8 out of 10 people read the headline, but only 2 out of 10 are inspired enough by what you've written in the headline to read the rest of the page.

That can be scary.

Let me take that burden off your shoulders.

I'll give you 50 headlines that I'll write just-for-you and what makes your business different, better & worth working with. You'll get excellent, attention-grabbing, money-magnetising headlines that virtually hypnotise people and stop them in their tracks -- without having to stress about writing them yourself!

You'll be able to use these headlines during or after our work together. Use them anywhere you need to get attention on your work -- squeeze pages, sales pages, blog posts, articles, email subject lines, banners, and more.

Minutes of your life saved from procrastinating on writing your headlines: 1,394

Number of people that no longer glaze over your work because of dull headlines that make your work invisible: Infinite



Perfect case study template (Value: $200)

Get people to give you rock-solid testimonials by asking the perfect questions. I'll give you a list of specific-to-your-business questions you can ask to quickly and easily ask for perfect testimonials from your best clients.

One testimonial can revolutionise your business & this template makes it push-button simple to get all the BEST testimonials you could ever need!

This template will work for email testimonials, video testimonials... or ANY way you want to get that testimonial that drive sales & skyrocket your credibility.



Personal feedback on the design & how it's affecting your new copy (Value: $700)

Copywriting is the art of persuading the right people that you're The One that can solve their most annoying problems. But, sometimes, the persuasion battle can be lost or won based on how your copywriting is laid out on the page by your designer. 

I'll help you make sure the design supports the goals of each page, drags the eye where it needs to go & emphasises the most important things that'll help you dream clients recognise the value of your work.

This part of the process will help tie your copywriting & design together, so you know it's all playing nicely together.

(Pssst. I might also hook you up with some FREE tools to help you know for sure that your design is working in your favour.)


I'm getting more inquiries about working with me & about 10-15 times more subscribers each month

“After sending out my first email with my new messaging, I got 4 new discovery calls! Even more importantly, I'm getting about 10-15 times more subscribers each month now that I've put the new copy on my current website. That's happening with out any marketing, just from the new messaging & SEO traffic. That is a huge difference!

I'm more clear on my message! And I've started to have more inquiries about working with me! You did a superb job in helping me create excellent copy. I loved your passion and dedication to creating the best copy possible for my business. I really appreciated your keen eye and perspective, as well as knowledge and creativity with writing from the perspective of a writer, coach, and client.

You're the real deal. You care about your client, and how their copy best represents their business and speaks to their potential new client. It was a joy and gift to work with you, Alyssa. Thank you so, so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

--- Angela Patnode,


The Brand Message Overhaul is 100% tailored to your unique business

You're not cookie cutter. And neither is this process.

We'll tailor our sessions to exactly what you need to get the results you want -- because there's no such thing as one-size fits all when it comes to copywriting & marketing.

But I know it’s helpful to have an idea of what our time together will cover & in which order. This is an example of how our time together might roll, but it’s FULLY CUSTOMISED to your needs.


Phase 1:

Goal Setting & Business Visioning

  • We'll spend our first 90mins together on a strategy session that's designed to get clear on what your business stands for.

  • We'll note the most important things your dream clients need to know about working with you & make sure they're conveyed in everything we write from this point onwards.

  • I help you look outside of the box you've created for yourself to uncover your core brand message right in the very first session.

  • Outline a website structure that makes all your information easy to find & navigate.

Phase 2:

Copywriting using your new brand message

  • You'll write the drafts for all your selected pages. Then we'll jump on Zoom together & polish them to publishable perfection live during our 90min calls.

  • We'll cover all the pages that you need to support your business goal. These typically include: Home, About, Services pages and a sprinkling of other pages that are unique to you.

  • We'll make sure all your new copy reflects your vision, voice & values -- while also making sure the BEST clients land on your site and think, "omg, it's like they're reading my mind."

Phase 3:

Client Processes & Documents That Your Clients Adore (Optional)

  • If you choose to include this in your overhaul, we'll plan how your client process flow so that it’s easy for your clients to get the results they want AND easy for you to deliver your best work.

  • We'll write documents & emails to smoothly guide your dream clients through the process of working with you, so that they always feel informed & nurtured when working with you.

  • Here’s some examples of documents that we might want to work on: sales slides, pricing documents, client proposals, client welcome pack, progress update emails, canned responses to client inquiries & loads more.

Phase 4:

Consistency, Flow & Loose Ends

  • Before we wrap up our time together, we’ll review everything we’ve written to make sure all your new brand messaging and web copy is clear and consistent across all your web pages.

  • We'll conquer any last niggles & confidence wobbles about your new brand message before you send it off to your designer or hit publish.

What can you expect from the Brand Message Overhaul?


No more feeling lost for words. No more staying stuck. I'll be your expert guide & cheerleader to make sure your messaging gets you closer to your business goals. Progress is addictive. 


I’ve been in this business for a decade & made mistakes (times infinity) along the way. You get to learn from my mishaps & put yourself on the fast track. You get brilliant, client-attracting messaging much, much faster.


Two heads are better than one. You know what you really want the world to know. I know how to find the words to get you the attention you deserve. The two of us together? Pure magic.


I’ve got a decade of strategic writing experience, plus an English degree & an extra Business degree to go along with it. I know my stuff. Luckily for you, my brain is at your service. 


Truth time: you’re afraid to stand out & share your message because you’re not sure you call pull it off. “Can I really say that about myself?” Yes. You can.  This 3 months will prove it to you.


Writing about yourself is HARD. I bet your mind is riddled with worries like: “Can I pull this off?” “Does that make me sound so good that I can’t live up to it?” I'm here to  tell you one thing: you’ve got this. I believe in you.


who should get this kind of message coaching?

This program is designed especially for entrepreneurs, like you, who want their business to make a difference, leave a mark, have an impact.

Your work is meaningful & important, so it’s time that more people recognised that – and paid you for it.

You're ready for the Brand Message Overhaul if…

  • you want messaging that will bridge the gap between where you are now & where you want your business to be.
  • you’re willing to write a draft of your web copy (with the help of some awesome templates, frameworks & cheatsheets) & need some expert help getting it into tip-top shape.
  • you have a solid understanding of your dream clients & how you help them.
  • you want to collaborative partner to get your web copy into tip-top shape.
  • you’re ready to take action & do some edits on your own in between our copy coaching sessions.

But this program won’t work for you if you aren't willing or able to take advantage of all the cheatsheets, frameworks & templates (Valued at $597) you get to write the first draft yourself. Or, if you don’t have time to do the action-items after each of our calls.

This is a co-creation process. I’m not writing all your web copy for you – we write it together in real time, using Skype and Google Docs.

We’ll constantly check in to make sure what I’m typing feels good to you & suits your business. It’s a team effort – you need to take part & be invested in the work as much as I am.

I’m going to teach you exactly what you need to know to get your message across quickly & effectively, so that you can repeat it over & over again on your own.

Sheila sml.png

Alyssa helped push me beyond what I thought I was capable of

"Working with Alyssa was incredibly easy. With her guidance & coaching, I was able to communicate key points about my business on my website clearly and effortlessly. She was worth every penny as she helped push me beyond what I thought I was capable of. I now have more confidence in my writing and am relieved that something I had been putting off for so long is now complete!"

-- Sheila Buchanan,

Less fluff & more writing with intent

“I loved the writing prompts. The templates helped give me a great starting point to getting more laser focused copy. Less fluff and more writing with intent.

Since my brand has so much more of ME infused into it, I no longer feel awkward and I don't really question my verbiage constantly. If it feels like something I would say, I just say it. I've learned that in order to turn people on you're inevitably going to turn people off and that's ok.

Alyssa is such a dream to work with. She listens really well & helps you find the messages that are hiding deep down inside your soul. She then helps you draw them out in a way that makes everything in you click into place. You have to do a lot of soul searching, writing, &research on your end, but her insights as an observer are magical.”

-- Adina Segal, Bunny Bear Press


your investment: $2500 per month
with a 3 month minimum commitment

**Only 5 spots become available every 12 weeks**


here's how it works

Before our sessions

  • You get access to our shared Google Drive folder where you'll find all the templates, cheatsheets & worksheets necessary to help you prepare your draft content for an overhaul.

  • You answer 20 questions about you, your clients and your business so that I get immerse myself in your business before we meet & maximise the time we have together on the call.

  • You write your draft web copy into an editable Google Doc and share it with me at least 48 hours before our session.

During our sessions

  • We get on Zoom and work in the Google Doc together in real time to make improvements so that your web copy is clear, concise and 100% compelling to your dream clients.

  • We’ll power through as much as we can and leave some of the easier bits for you to work on in between our sessions.

  • Our goal is to have a strong page framework at the end of the session that only needs a few tweaks from you to be just right.

In between our sessions

  • You access our call recording(s), plus relevant templates, cheatsheets & worksheets in our shared Google Drive to help you write your content for your next session.

  • During our time apart, you make any changes or fill any gaps that remain in your copy (with help from your cheatsheets & worksheets).

  • We get ready to get back on Zoom and do it all over again for your next session.

A goldmine of game-changing copywriting shifts crammed into 12 weeks


✔ My proven framework for writing copy that gets attention from the right people & primes them to work with you.

✔ Confidence that your brand messaging & your website are working hard for you, 24/7.

✔ As many new, client-attracting pages of web copy as you need.

✔ 12+ weeks of one-on-one messaging & copywriting coaching with me.

✔ 6 one-on-one sessions with me where we'll rework your draft copy in real time.

Client intake documents & processes to delight & impress your new clients when it counts the most

Worksheets & cheatsheets to help you take action in between our 1-on-1 coaching sessions (Valued at $597).

✔ My full support to achieve your business goals through your web copy.


your investment: $2500 per month
with a 3 month minimum commitment

**Only 5 spots become available every 12 weeks**


THIS IS what people say about working with me


Danika Zoe's new website now feels "super polished, her voice comes through & it’s compelling & persuasive”

Best of all, she now knows how to write compelling, persuasive copy herself without outsourcing it to a copywriter anymore.

Her new copy speaks to her audience so well that Danika says she'd pay twice as much to do it again.

Watch the video below to hear from Danika in her own words.

Lauren White's brand message is now so clear that it's becoming a book

Lauren got so clear on what makes her brand message different (& worth listening to) that she not only re-wrote her web copy -- she got inspired to start writing a book to spread her message even further.

And she landed 4 new clients in the first month!

brand message overhaul testimonial.PNG

so how can you tell if your brand message needs an overhaul?

  • You’re really good at what you do, but your client roster doesn’t reflect that.

  • You’re marketing yourself more than ever, but don’t seem to have many new clients to show for it.

  • Your website visitors aren’t turning into clients as much as you’d hoped.

  • You’re attracting clients, but they’re a bit ‘blah’ & you’d rather work with more ideal peeps.

  • Your clients tell you that you’re brilliant, but you can’t seem to convince potential new clients that’s true.

  • Your clients are surprised by your style or personality once they sign on to work with you.

  • You can’t predict when another client will sign up to work with you through your website – it’s so erratic & unpredictable.

  • You’re not excited by your own website & you don’t want to send people to your site.

  • Your brand message doesn’t feel good to YOU anymore.

The way your words reach out & pull people in has made a big difference

“I just want to say THANKS - I have a 4-day course next week & it’s totally filled (in fact we may be squishy in the place where I hold it) and I've had to turn people away. My courses don’t usually fill this quickly, and this time we have about 5 more people than average, AND filled earlier than usual too!

A big reason why this class filled so effortlessly is because of the new copywriting - the way your words reach out and pull people in has made a big difference! You rock girl!”

-- Carolyn Cooper,


Who else wants to stop stressing that your website is leaving chunks of cash on the (digital) table?

Join me & soon you’ll be saying things like this:

  • "My copy puts my voice into words, so I can present my best self to my clients & now my phone is ringing off the hook."
  • "My copy really helped me see my new offering in terms of the practical, tangible benefits that it provides to people."
  • "My scrawled words & ideas have turned into a piece of persuasive beauty."
  • "I’ve got words that are truly ME & truly attractive to my dream clients, not just some pretty words put together to sound good."
  • "I now have something compelling, but also something that I can be proud of – as a real extension of who I am & what I want to convey with my brand."

It might normally take you months of trial & error & second guessing yourself to get this clear on your brand message & web copy. And in that time, your dreamy clients are busy finding someone else to help them solve their problems. So, your bland messaging is probably costing you much more than you realise right now.

Or, you can save yourself a whole bunch of money (and time!) & get the Brand Message Overhaul and completely change the way that your clients react to you.

Your work is important & it needs to get into the hands of more people who need it. Let’s make that happen together.

If you want to finally grasp how to write your own web copy that both feels good to you AND gets attention from the right people, this is the coaching you’re looking for.

your investment: $2500 per month
with a 3 month minimum commitment

**Only 5 spots become available every 12 weeks**



What’s the difference between the Brand Message Overhaul & regular copywriting? . . .

In the Brand Message Overhaul, we revamp your messaging AND your copywriting at the same time.

When you hire a copywriter, you need to have your messaging organised before you hire them. It’s a misconception that if you hire a copywriter, they’ll create your brand message for you.

A great copywriter can help you create amazing copy, but it’s not their responsibility (or often their skill-set) to help you define your message. But I help you do both.

Do I get any one-on-one time with you?. . .

Yes. It's ALL one-on-one. This is not a group program.

How will we conduct our coaching sessions? . . .

We’ll meet on Zoom & work out of a Google Doc so that we can both see the changes we make to your web copy in real time. Plus, it means that we can work together even if we live on opposite sides of the world.

What do I need to have ready before we start? . . .

Two main things:

1. You’ll need to have a solid understanding of who you want your web copy to attract.
2. You need to have your drafts written before our call each week, but they don’t need to be flawless. We’ll perfect them together on the call.

Will you help me write my drafts? . . .

In a way, yes. You get all the worksheets, cheatsheets & templates (Valued at $597) you need to help you write your drafts without pulling your hair out.

But you won't get 1-on-1 support from me to help you write them. The templates will be all you need to get started, I promise.

Then, we work from the foundation that you’ve already created by writing your draft copy – only we tweak & improve it together so that it looks totally pro & is ready to reel in the right clients for you.

What if I’m not very good at writing my own draft web copy? . . .

That’s totally fine. You’ll get access to 9 easy, actionable templates, cheatsheets & worksheets to help you figure out what to write & how to structure it. (These alone sell for $597.)

Then, we’ll get on a call together & your draft will be completely transformed right in front of your eyes. The final version will look nothing like your first draft.

The purpose of your draft is to see your natural writing voice, what message you’re trying to convey to your client and where we need to improve. Your draft DOES NOT NEED TO BE PERFECT.

Can we just work on the web copy that's on my site already?. . .

Yes. All you'd need to do is copy & paste your current web copy into a Google Doc & we'd be ready to go.

Will this work for me & my business? . . .

Absolutely. This program is customized especially for you & your business. I don’t believe in one-size fits all solutions, so we’ll start by taking a look at where your business is right now & where you want it to be in the future. Then, we’ll write copy that will help you to make the dream a reality.

I'm an ayurvedic healer / horse hypnotist / professional hoola hooper. Do you have experience in my industry?. . .

Truth time: industry experience does not make a good copywriter. Because your business isn't build on what industry you're in -- it's built on the people you serve.

A good copywriter is not an industry expert. She's a psychologist. A good copywriter, like me, steps into the mind of your customer so that you can speak exactly to their needs, wants, fears & desires. It's about being an expert at people. That's what I do. And I'm brilliant at it.

How do I know that I’ll like my new brand messaging & web copy? . . .

Because you’ll be there, co-creating it with me. It’ll be infused with your own vibe every step of the way.

I’m just starting my business, is this right for me? . . .

Yes, as long as you know who you want to work with. The Brand Message Overhaul is designed for anyone who knows who their dream clients are, but are lost for words when it comes time to try and attract them. If that’s you, you’re in the right place.

Can I skip the implementation weeks & meet with you every week? . . .

Absolutely! You’ll have full control over when you book your sessions when you sign up, so book them whenever you like.

The implementation weeks are there because it can be overwhelming to get clear on your message & be brave enough to publish it on your website. If you get overwhelmed, the implementation weeks give you a break. Use them if you wish, or don't - it's up to you.

What kind of results can I expect? . . .

That’s completely up to you.
What I CAN tell you is that this program is jam-packed with support & advice to make sure that when the right person lands on your site, they’ll be far more likely to sign up & work with you. All your marketing works far, far, faaaarrrr better when you’ve got your messaging right!

But it’s up to you to make sure you’re putting yourself out there, targeting the right people & doing the other marketing work that gets eyeballs on your site so people can hire you. Your Brand Message Overhaul will simply lay unshakable foundations for your success.


your investment: $2500 per month
with a 3 month minimum commitment

**Only 5 spots become available every 12 weeks**