10 spectacular things happening right now

10 spectacular things happening in life + business right now. Inspired by Coach Jennie.

I’ll admit it. I’m overwhelmed.

My schedule is full. My plate is packed. My business is thriving… and I’m struggling to keep up.

I need to take a deep breath.

I need to create space in my life for me to think + not just do. Go, go, go is bad for me.

Then, I discovered this 10 spectacular things post by Coach Jennie.

I love + appreciate the importance of seeing the positive in things, even when things feel shitty. So, Jennie + her post came to me at just the right time when I needed a swift kick up the posterior.


Now that's over. I'm joining Coach Jennie in celebrating the things that are going spectacularly well in my life + biz at the moment (because I've got far more to be grateful for than to complain about.)

1. People actually read my blog

I started my blog before I really started my business + had services to offer. I just wanted space to anonymously write + practice putting my real voice out there into the world.

I never told anyone that I started this blog + the majority of my real life friends don’t know about my business. I kept it all on the down-low because I wanted the freedom to experiment (and fail) without judgment. 

Now, when I look at my stats, I’m surprised how many people have found me + keep coming back to read what I have to say.

I’m eternally grateful for you. You make me happy.

2. My business is growing

I’ve been struggling to keep up with demand for my services, so I’ve just had to up my prices to slow the demand down a bit. It’s a lovely place to be when your business is under a year old.

3. I feel truly aligned with my business + where it’s headed

Here’s something you didn’t know about me: I first started my business in 2011 + it was a dismal failure.

I picked a business name, bought a domain, hired a web designer & went about writing my web copy. But, from the get-go, it felt off.

Then, the designer created something that was the polar opposite to what I wanted… and it took him 12 months to deliver a website that I didn’t like. (I don’t like the colour blue and the whole freaking design was blue!)

It was hideously corporate. So… it attracted corporate types. Shocker. 

I wrote for dentists, real estate agents and then more dentists, followed by… more dentists. I was even approached to write copy for a bail bondsman, for eff’s sake. Yuck.

That’s when I knew it was over.

All that happened because I wasn’t confident about what business I wanted, who I wanted to work with, and how I wanted my work to feel. So, I ended up with a business that felt like my old corporate straightjacket.

I closed that business down. Waited a few years to sort myself out, then launched this site this year.

Now I feel extremely confident about what I have to offer, how I can help your business + why you should hire me. Best of all, I know how to tell you all of that confidently, without sounding or feeling like a manipulative salesperson. And THAT is what my entire business is now built on. Hallelujah.

4. I get to see the Sydney Harbour Bridge + the Sydney Opera House almost every day. 

I moved to Sydney this year + it’s beautiful here. Every time that I take my work down to the water, I feel enormous joy + gratitude that this is where I get to be. I love that my work is flexible enough for me to take my laptop down to sit by Luna Park, look at the Harbour Bridge + be inspired.

Here’s a look at my favourite work spot. I’m super productive when I'm here.

I love that I can run my business + life from my laptop. I can knock off work early + go wherever my inspiration takes me. In fact, it’s almost a must in my business because sitting at home in front of my laptop is one of the least creative things I can do.

5. My free, unnamed copywriting mini e-course is nearly finished

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen me mention that I'm creating a free copywriting mini course for you. Well, it's nearly done.

And since you told me you wanted to know about how to create feeling + inspire action in your reader (rather than the boring mechanics of how to write a homepage), that's what it is.

You can sign up to be the first to hear about it + get my current gift, The Effortless Copywriting Guide: an easy guide to copywriting that works without sacrificing style + personality.

7. There are new travel adventures in my future

Friends are getting married in Toronto next August. So, I’ll be taking at least 8 weeks to travel up the coast from California to Vancouver before flying over to Toronto for the wedding. This is going to be my first international adventure with my man.

It’ll also be my first attempt at working on the road. It’ll be grand (I hope).

7. I have the money to invest in my business with amazing mentors

This year, I went to a workshop with the inimitable Alexandra Franzen. Soon, I’ll be going to a workshop with the formidable Victoria Gibson. I’m also in the most wonderful mastermind with Denise Duffield-Thomas as part of her Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp. Then, in January, I’m going to a Gabrielle Bernstein workshop in Sydney.

I love connecting with mentors + other lady entrepreneurs at workshops like these. New biz friends are the best.

These mentors are the kinds of high achievers that I want to surround myself with. I aspire to that level of outrageous success, but with my own unique slant. It will happen.

8. I feel more myself than I ever have in my life

This year in particular has given me so much clarity. Entrepreneurship will do that to you. I feel calm, confident + clear.

And that’s a stark difference to my 20s where I felt aggressively confident. “I’m talented + you WILL see that, dammit!” I felt like I had to fight for myself + make sure others could see me + knew how clever I was… though there were already signs that I didn’t feel the need to compete with others to win some invisible trophy of “success.”

Nowadays, I feel blissfully at ease in my own skin – whether other people appreciate it or not.

9. I just got a new book delivery

The Desire Map and The Fire Starter Sessions just landed on my doorstep. They feel like exactly what I need to read right now. So, I’m going to pour myself some wine + read them in the bath. It’s awesome that I have the freedom to do that tonight.

10. I’m very in love

Externally, I’m not a sappy person. It’s something that’s been / is being taught to me by my fabulous, sensitive, wonderfully kind man.

I remember posting a picture on Facebook of the roses + wine that he sent me on Valentines Day this year. One of my old friends from uni commented, “Alyssa! When did you get so romantic?!” And, the truth is that I haven’t (yet) – I’m generally far too practical for romance. I have a very affectionate man + my romantic side is a work in progress.

But this is my public declaration that I’m in love with my forever man + he makes me very happy.

Alyssa Martin