Sales Page Masterclass
Affiliate Program

I'd love you to be a Sales Page Masterclass Affiliate, an invitation-only group of women who earn generous commissions for spreading the word to help more entrepreneurs get comfortable articulating the immense value of their work.

It's a win-win situation for both of us. You'll have a special link to my website and product pages. When one of your peeps buys something - KACHING - you earn money.

You can use your special link on your website, blog, emails, Facebook and Twitter pages. I'll take care of the administration, and keep track of all your sales. You can log onto your own special portal at any time to check out your latest commissions.

Here's the benefits of being an Affiliate:

  • 30% commission on the Sales Page Masterclass (from USD $239.10 per sale, depending on the level & payment plan purchased)
  • 50% commission on sales of other products to your community
  • unlimited earning potential (no caps on how many you can sell)
  • e-mail notifications every time you make a sale
  • notifications when I have a new Lucky Bitch product for sale, along with handy tools to spread the word.

The "Rules"

You're cool, so I know this is a given but just in case... Only use ethical marketing methods to promote my stuff. This means NO unsolicited email marketing (or "spam") or through sites that contain offensive content.

Commissions are paid one month after the end of the month of purchase, because our Money Back Guarantee is a very generous 30 days.

I may not be able to track your sales if people do not allow the cookies on their computer, or if they already have another affiliate's cookies on their system.

Please note: You can't use your affiliate link to get a discount on my courses or to earn your own commission sign ups, but it's easy to fund your business & personal development addiction through commissions!

If the program or product you received a commission on is refunded, I'll deduct the paid commission from your future affiliate payment.


No problem, just email & I'll do my best to sort you out.

Ready to become an affiliate?