Is Website Jumpstart right for me?

I want to be clear about what you can expect from Website Jumpstart, so that you can make the right decision for your business. It’s not like other copywriting offers out there. This is a toolkit full of tried-and-tested templates that work in my own business AND in my client’s businesses.

I’m not trying to turn you into a master copywriter. This is not about being the best or the smartest in the room. I’m going to cut the crap & get straight to works for you now. I want you to be getting RESULTS asap.

Website Jumpstart is perfect for you if…

  • you have a newbie service-based business
  • a sense of connection is important to you and your clients – Website Jumpstart is designed to help you show you much you understand your customers & what they’re going through
  • you don’t know what to write or how to structure it to get you results
  • you just wish copywriting could be easier than it seems, so you can jump merrily onto the next item on your to-do list
  • you have a simple website and want to know the best way to write your home, about & services pages (with a few other bonus pages thrown in for good measure)
  • you want to get your website off the ground with the ultimate simplicity.

But it's probably not right for you if…

  • you’ve been around the business block a few years – this course is especially for beginners.
  • you need more advanced, sophisticated copywriting to convey your message. (I encourage you to look at my 1-to-1 services for that.)
  • you’re looking specifically to get traffic and new leads. Copywriting definitely helps with lead generation, but Website Jumpstart isn’t about lead or traffic-generating tactics. It’s about making sure your words resonate with the right people.
  • you don’t have any customers and expect to make a fortune in the next month.
  • you want someone to do your copywriting for you – this is a DIY system.
  • you've worked with me 1-on-1 before (because I would've already shared these templates with you).