Introducing... Website Jumpstart

This new self-paced program takes the guesswork out of doing your own copywriting. It gives you instant access to my simplest, get-results-now material on writing winning web copy.

I've cut out all the time-wasting advice & jumped straight to the must-know stuff that will get your web copy written FAST & fabulously. Including actual cut-and-paste templates for you to steal.

Basically, it’s THE system to use when you want to stop spinning in circles and finally get words down on the page that:

  • You’re happy to hit publish on
  • Truly reflect what you stand for in business
  • Are designed to attract the best clients to you, right from the start.

Best of all, this course was made specifically for beginners. That means, you can write web copy that attracts more clients…
… even if you’re not sure where to start
… even if you don’t have many clients yet
… even if you’re not ready to spend thousands of dollars to hire professionals
… even if you’ve been going around in circles trying to write your web copy on your own.

If you want to get your website off the ground with the ultimate simplicity, Website Jumpstart is for you. It covers everything you need & nothing you don’t.

The goal is to get you RESULTS without having to go over all the confusing marketing hoo-haa that gets you confused & trapped in analysis paralysis.

YOUR investment: USD$197