Warning: The Most Expensive Action Is the Action You Don’t Take

I know it can be scary investing in your fledgling business. You might be thinking, “Well, I’m just getting started. Maybe I’ll tinker around by myself for a while, and then I’ll come back to this later. “

But that’s a tragic mistake.  Here’s why…

It’ll take you ten times as long. You’ll run into a simple problem, and you’ll waste days, weeks or even months trying to figure it out.

If you charge $100 per hour for your services & then take 8 full days to write the text for your site, your faffing about has cost $5,600 in lost client time – and that’s assuming you’ve put in only 8 hours per day, which (let’s face it) doesn’t always happen.

And, in that time, how many dream clients are landing on your website & clicking away? (It’s time to get your work into the hands of the people who need it most, so that you can make a difference & make a profit, my friend!)

Website Jumpstart can save you from some of that. What if this saves you just a few weeks or months of banging your head against the keyboard? Is that worth $197?

You decide.