I’m attracting my dream clients with precision - and that's priceless

“Before I worked with Alyssa, I was casting a wide net to a broad audience & just hoping that my dream clients would get my vibe. The financial investment worried me too, but it was worthwhile. Alyssa is a thought-leader in the copywriting space & it was definitely a smart investment.

By working with Alyssa, I managed to develop a clear brand message and put it boldly out into the world. I love that Alyssa can take what I say, rework it, and write stellar copy!

Now, I have a great copywriting toolkit that I can use when I need to further refine my messaging. I feel comfortable about my brand message & I’m attracting my dream clients with precision - and that is priceless.

Honestly, you need to be committed to the process and do the work, if you're going to work with her. Putting my new message out to the world was also the hardest thing I've done in a while - so I found courage & strength in the process. It was definitely worth the hard work!

--- Merryn Padgett, Earth & Sea Creative