AAAAND... These bonuses


Bonus #1

Evernote swipe file
of 10 awesome sales pages

Get real life examples without the comparisonitis that sometimes comes with that. You’ll see how creatives outside your niche are structuring & writing their sales pages to get results.

Bonus #2

10 guarantees for you to steal

Smart guarantees eliminates the risk your customer feels about your service. Will this work for me? Is this as good as they say on the sales page? These guarantees will help you figure out what type of guarantee to offer & how to word it.

Bonus #3

7 persuasion levers for your sales page

These will help you understand what you’re doing & why, so that you can ‘see’ where you can make your copy even more believable. You can pull these 7 levers in your sales page when you feel like it’s not hitting your message home.

Bonus #4

100 greatest headlines of
all time cheat sheet

8 out of 10 people will read your headline, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest… which makes headlines the most important thing you'll write. This cheat sheet will give you a tried & tested inspiration source of the best headlines ever written. They’re guaranteed to work.

Bonus #5

Evernote sales page checklist

Worried you won’t be able to replicate the blueprint I teach you on your own? This checklist has got you covered. Save it into your Evernote & refer back to it anytime you get stuck writing your sales pages in the future. It’ll give you confirmation that you’re on the right track in 2 minutes flat.

Bonus #6

Secret walkthrough of the persuasive
secrets behind this very sales page

Want to know why I write what I write & how I’ve structured it for maximum impact? You’ve got it. I’m going to give you a video tour of this very sales page to explain the secrets behind it.