Let’s rethink your sales page so that you get results
(with heart & smarts)

Let’s say that you sell your service for $1,000.

And imagine that your brand new wiz-bang sales page gets you ONE extra client per month. That’s totally achievable.

With just 1 extra client per month, that’s an extra $12,000 per year.

what if you got 2 extra clients per month from your new sales page? That would give you an extra $24,000 per year. That's also very achievable.

And all you will have done to earn that extra revenue is change the words on your page.

Even if you don't have capacity for 2 extra clients, you'll increase demand for your services so much that you can increase your prices. 

Either way, you’ve made your money back in the first month (or less).

But, since it’s not just about the cash, there’s another important thing to point out about learning to write your own sales copy…

The confidence that comes from selling your work in a loud, proud voice filters through everything in your business.

This will be the foundation of your business -- knowing how to sell yourself.

You’ll know how to speak to your clients & that will extend to all your blogs, newsletters, FB ads, social media – literally anything you can think of that promotes your work.

The sales page is the foundation of your offer that will trickle out into everything!

This is a no-brainer. But, of course, that’s for you to decide. You’ve got this.