Here’s some other options you can also consider to finally take your sales page from snooze fest to sales bonanza


1. Write your sales page with free advice that you find on Google

You can try to write your sales page with advice found on Google – but how do you know the advice is quality?

How do you know it will work for you & not against you? Will Google give you feedback? Will Google give you a step-by-step action plan?

It’s tough to wade through all the free advice online to figure out what’s the right path for you. It can takes years of banging your head against the wall. (Don’t worry – we’ve all done it.)

2. Hire a copywriter… every damn time

You could hire me to write your sales page for you. And it’d cost $5,000. (There’s even bigger, better copywriters out there than me—and they charge quadruple that & take a cut of your profits.)

But where does that really get you?

You might get your sales page back & still feel uncomfortable about how it sells you… even after you’d paid 5x what this masterclass costs. You’d want to dial it down. Make yourself more vanilla. Because someone else has taken charge of those words not you, so they feel out of your control.


Or you could learn the sales page formula that takes every ounce of slime out of the process & let’s you feel like you’re just chatting to a friend. No pressure. Just good ol’ fashion helpful information, so that the right clients book & the wrong clients leave.