How do I know if the sales page masterclass is right for me?

No single offer is right for everyone. Before you read any further, I want to make sure this masterclass is right for YOU.

If you can put a big, positive “check mark” next to the points below, then I’d say you’re exactly who I’d love to work with in the Sales Page Masterclass:

  • You already have a service or digital product that you charge $500 or more for.

  • You know your service makes an impact. You now just need to articulate it’s value & get it into the hands of the people who need it most.

  • You know EXACTLY who your dream client is (and you’d never dream of listing something as vague as “women between 18 -60”).

  • You’re ready to sell to better (the best!) clients & weed out the ones that make your life difficult.

  • You’re in business to make a difference. You genuinely care about your message & the people it serves.

  • You’re an action taker. You’re committed to giving this masterclass your best effort, and enthusiastically put in the work knowing that it will turn your passion into something (more) profitable.

What this masterclass is not

  • This is NOT a place for beginners who haven’t worked with their first client yet. You need to have an offer & know without a doubt who you want to walk through your digital doors. You’ll get even better results with a well performing, proven service.

  • This is NOT a magic bullet. I can give you the structure you need for your sales page, but you still need to sit down & do the writing.

  • This is NOT a large event. I am limiting spots to 11 max.

And this is NOT just about the money either!

Yes -- the financial success will come. But what is REALLY the point of getting more clients & more sales?

Sure, making more money is a nice little ego boost. But there’s something bigger at play here – sharing what you do in order to help others. People out there are battling away with something and YOU have the answer to their problems.

Finding the perfect way to talk about your work on your sales page is really about getting your work into the hands of the people who need it most.


Selling is helping.

Whether it’s beautiful design, healthy living, useful business tools or helping folks make breakthroughs in their personal lives.

Behind your business there is a purpose…

And I’m here to help you share that purpose with the entire world. (Hmmm are you starting to see a hint of what MY “big purpose” for this program is?)

I want you to be able to proudly tell the world that you’re really good at what you do, so that your dream clients will leap at the chance to work with you. Because that’s the first step to you changing their lives.