Introducing... How Should I Say That?: 15 Email Scripts for Hassle-free Client Relationships & Keeping Projects on Track.

It's a digital toolkit of cut-and-paste scripts that you can use whenever you get into communication strife & don't know what to say or how to say it tactfully so that your clients still respect you.

Once you've got these 15 cut-and-paste email scripts in your arsenal, you will:

  • Handle any awkward business conversation like a pro -- Finally know what to say & why, so that you get the results you want, while also maintaining strong relationships with the people who matter.

  • Sound like your real, offline self -- no more trying to be someone you're not when you need to set boundaries or say no. Cut & paste these scripts to confidently tackle any business problem like a champ.

  • Stop wasting time wondering what to say & have more time to focus on what you do best -- get to the point quickly & easily, so that you can get back to the really fun (and important) work in your business.

these made my life so much easier & have taken away a lot of the overwhelm

"The scripts are amazing! I've put them all in my email as canned responses and used the 'not a good fit' one recently and received a positive response.

The scripts also inspired me to create my own for onboarding clients & it's made my life so much easier and taken away a lot of the overwhelm I used to feel. Thank you!"

--- Bianca McKenzie,