You're brilliant at what you do. Only the world and, most importantly, your clients don't seem to understand that yet.

They can be late to pay, they delay projects, they forget to show up for your meetings, & they sneak things in to the project that are outside the scope of what you originally agreed.

That's because the way you write, talk & communicate about your work is just as important as the work itself. And in online business, that means mastering the art of email.

All your communication makes a statement about who you are, how much you should be paid, and whether you’re worth it.

In other words... your email communication has everything to do with your success as an online business owner.

Whether you're raising your prices, selling yourself, saying NO, or setting client boundaries, you've got to do it in a way that delights your clients and makes them respect you. 

You deserve to be able to talk about your work in a loud, proud voice – especially to your existing clients.

Don’t let awkward emails rattle your client relationships – I’ll show you how to tackle 15 sticky client situations and set beautiful business boundaries with grace and ease.

Luckily, it's infinitely easier than you might think.