Because you're one of my awesome clients,

I'm offering you an invitation-only Sales Page Overhaul package.

These will be exactly like your Brand Message Overhaul sessions, except we'll focus ONLY on a new sales page for you.

We'll spend 2x 90min sessions together to get your draft sales page into a publishable gem.

And, as a FREE BONUS, I will write a done-for-you onboarding sequence for whatever program we're working on together. 

You'll be able to plug-and-play these onboarding emails into your email marketing provider & have this email sequence automatically go out to your new clients or customers every time someone signs up to your program.

This bonus alone is valued at $1000.

Are you in? Hit one of the pink buttons below before midnight 30 June 2018 (Brisbane time). After that, this offer disappears.


  1. But I won't have time to do this before 30 June 2018. Can I still sign up?
    Of course! Sign up before 30 June & you can use your sessions anytime until 1 December 2018.
  2. Will I get a template to write my draft, just like in the Brand Message Overhaul?
    Absolutely. In fact, we'll be using one of the same templates we used for your services page, so you're already familiar with what is needed to prep your draft.
  3. What will I have to do to get the BONUS onboarding email sequence?
    I'll have a few questions to ask you & once you answer them, your job is done. I'll do the rest.
    Also, I'll send you to a Google Form to answer the questions at any time that suits you, so that we don't waste your session time on that.
  4. Will I get the opportunity to make revisions to the done-for-you onboarding email sequence before it's finalised?
    No revisions are included in this bonus. But you'll learn so much about how to talk about your offer that you'll be extremely well-equipped to make any minor revisions that are needed before you start sending the emails out to your clients or customers.
  5. When will I get the done-for-you onboarding emails?
    After you submit your answers to the Google Form, you'll get your emails in your inbox within 14 days.