Who else wants to stop stressing that your website is leaving chunks of cash on the (digital) table?

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  • "My copy puts my voice into words, so I can present my best self to my clients & now my phone is ringing off the hook."
  • "My copy really helped me see my new offering in terms of the practical, tangible benefits that it provides to people."
  • "My scrawled words & ideas have turned into a piece of persuasive beauty."
  • "I’ve got words that are truly ME & truly attractive to my dream clients, not just some pretty words put together to sound good."
  • "I now have something compelling, but also something that I can be proud of – as a real extension of who I am & what I want to convey with my brand."

It might normally take you months of trial & error & second guessing yourself to get this clear on your brand message & web copy. And in that time, your dreamy clients are busy finding someone else to help them solve their problems. So, your bland messaging is probably costing you much more than you realise right now.

Or, you can save yourself a whole bunch of money (and time!) & get the Brand Message Overhaul and completely change the way that your clients react to you.

Your work is important & it needs to get into the hands of more people who need it. Let’s make that happen together.

If you want to finally grasp how to write your own web copy that both feels good to you AND gets attention from the right people, this is the coaching you’re looking for.