Here’s an example of what a typical brand message overhaul looks like…

We'll tailor our sessions to exactly what you need to get the results you want -- because there's no such thing as one-size fits all when it comes to copywriting & marketing.

But I know it’s helpful to have an idea of what our time together will cover & in which order. This is an example of how our time together might roll, but it’s FULLY CUSTOMISED to your needs.

month 1

Session 1: Goal Setting & Business Visioning

  • Get clear on what your business stands for & the most important things your dream clients need to know about working with you. 
  • Uncover your core brand message right in the very first session.

  • Outline a website structure that makes all your information easy to find & navigate.

Session 2: Your About Page & Home Page

  • Get an About Page that shows your dream clients that you understand them & are the right person to help them solve their problems.
  • Write your Home Page that appeals to exactly who you wants to work with, so that they're encouraged to stick around & read more about you & your work.

month 2

Session 3: Service Pages That Sell (Part 1)

  • Get a real-deal, no BS Services Page for your first service to make your dream clients know that they need to hire you today. (We’ll work on your second & third services pages next session, depending on how many services you have on offer.)
  • Discover what makes you different, better & worth working with so that your dream clients leap at the chance to hire you. 

  •  Jump into your customer’s buying mindset so that we know what we need to write to prick up their ears (or eyeballs?). 

Session 4: Service Pages That Sell (Part 2)

  • Services Pages are where your web copy turns into cash, so we’ll dedicate a second session to making sure we get them juuust right.
  • Outline & write Services Page for your second & third service offerings, depending on how many services you have on offer. 

month 3

Session 5: Client Processes & Documents That Your Clients Adore

  • Plan how your client process flow so that it’s easy for your clients to get the results they want AND easy for you to deliver your best work.
  • Write documents & emails to smoothly guide your dream clients through the process of working with you, so that they always feel informed & nurtured when working with you.

  • Here’s some examples of documents that you might want to work on: sales slides, pricing documents, client proposals, client welcome pack, process update emails, canned responses to client inquiries & loads more.

Session 6: Consistency, Flow & Loose Ends

  • We’ll review everything we’ve written to make sure all your new brand messaging and web copy is clear and consistent across all your web pages.
  • Conquer any last niggles & confidence wobbles about your new brand message before you send it off to your designer or hit publish.