The Brand Message Overhaul is 100% tailored to your unique business

You're not cookie cutter. And neither is this process.

We'll tailor our sessions to exactly what you need to get the results you want -- because there's no such thing as one-size fits all when it comes to copywriting & marketing.

But I know it’s helpful to have an idea of what our time together will cover & in which order. This is an example of how our time together might roll, but it’s FULLY CUSTOMISED to your needs.


Phase 1:

Goal Setting & Business Visioning

  • We'll spend our first 2hrs together on a strategy session that's designed to get clear on what your business stands for.
  • We'll note the most important things your dream clients need to know about working with you & make sure they're conveyed in everything we write from this point onwards.
  • I help you look outside of the box you've created for yourself to uncover your core brand message right in the very first session.
  • Outline a website structure that makes all your information easy to find & navigate.

Phase 2:

Copywriting using your new brand message

  • You'll write the drafts for all your selected pages. Then we'll jump on Zoom together & polish them to publishable perfection live during our 90min calls.
  • We'll cover all the pages that you need to support your business goal. These typically include: Home, About, Services pages and a sprinkling of other pages that are unique to you.
  • We'll make sure all your new copy reflects your vision, voice & values -- while also making sure the BEST clients land on your site and think, "omg, it's like they're reading my mind."

Phase 3:

Client Processes & Documents That Your Clients Adore (Optional)

  • If you choose to include this in your overhaul, we'll plan how your client process flow so that it’s easy for your clients to get the results they want AND easy for you to deliver your best work.
  • We'll write documents & emails to smoothly guide your dream clients through the process of working with you, so that they always feel informed & nurtured when working with you.

  • Here’s some examples of documents that we might want to work on: sales slides, pricing documents, client proposals, client welcome pack, progress update emails, canned responses to client inquiries & loads more.

Phase 4:

Consistency, Flow & Loose Ends

  • Before we wrap up our time together, we’ll review everything we’ve written to make sure all your new brand messaging and web copy is clear and consistent across all your web pages.
  • We'll conquer any last niggles & confidence wobbles about your new brand message before you send it off to your designer or hit publish.