more about me

I’m a highly-sensitive INFP (The Healer, who continually seeks a deeper understanding of themselves and of the people around them) and Enneagram Type 1 (The Reformer, with a “sense of mission” that leads me to want to improve the world). 

I’m a shameless chocoholic. Occasional red wine drinker. White wine disliker. Recovering perfectionist. Peppermint tea aficionado. Enthusiastic podcast host.

I’m allergic to gluten. I only eat it on days when I feel like going to hospital… which is never.

I love to cook. And eat. (Mostly, eat – let’s be honest here.) 

I live in Sydney, Australia. My garage is full of mountain bikes, surf boards, snowboards, skis, camping equipment & my beloved pink road bike.

I have the supermodel of cats. Her name is Izzy & she's usually sitting on my lap (or butt) as I tap out my blog posts. I've got waaaaay too many pictures of her on my phone.

Hope to see you around the traps,