Mindful Messaging was the perfect way to begin up-levelling

“I've updated every element of my website to be more specific, clear + client focused (instead of me focused). My copy is clearer. It's been amazing insight into what I need to update. We covered a huge amount of ground. Alyssa’s sessions packed a punch + was perfect for me in my biz.

Alyssa’s pre-appointment Qs meant you really knew me + my brand, so she had a solid foundation for where to direct our conversation. It was collaborative. I felt open to receiving constructive comments + she phrased them in a really supportive way.

I think this is great for the entrepreneur who wants to invest in their work, but is still refining their message. The Mindful Messaging session was the perfect way to begin up-levelling + providing direction for where my copy needs more attention.

Alyssa rocks. She was able to step right into my brand, my language, my business soul + turn up the volume in my copy. It's potent.”

--- Jenna Ward, www.jennaward.com.au