here's how it works in 6 simple steps

1. You complete your Mindful Business Review questions

As soon as your book your session, you’ll receive a confirmation email that includes a link to the questionnaire. Take your time to answer these questions as thoughtfully & thoroughly as you can.

2. You write your draft web copy in Google Docs

It doesn’t need to be flawless - it just needs to cover all the important things you want your dream clients to know about you. You’ll share your Google Doc with me so that I can make edits to it during our Skype call.

3. We tweak, edit, & improve your web copy together, in real time

We’ll meet for 90mins & we’ll work in Skype and Google Docs. You’ll have a strong second draft by the end of this call, plus some minor “homework” to get it into shape for your final draft.

4. You get your new Brand Messaging Framework within three days of our session

This will be your go-to document whenever you’re writing about your business. It will make sure that when you're writing your own web copy, you have a record of all the best, most important messages your clients need to hear from you to hit the buy now button.

5. You’ll review & make any needed changes before our final wrap up call

You’ll have a week or two between your first call & your wrap up call. During this time, you’ll have a small amount of “homework.” You’ll make any remaining changes that need to be made before our final wrap up call. This will become your final draft.

6. We meet again 2 weeks later for a final edit

We’ll get of Skype & Google Docs again & talk through any remaining issues that are still bothering you about your copy. By the end of this call, your writing will be ready to publish to your website.