This is for difference makers who want to write authentic, client-attracting web copy -- but don't know how

This will be ideal for you if…

  • you're building a business with the aim of making a difference to others - you want to change the world in ways big or small.
  • you’ve got a draft of your web copy prepared & it’s not working for you (yet).
  • you want to collaborative partner to help spin your draft into solid gold.
  • you believe that you deserve to make a profit, while also being of service.
  • you want your web copy to sound like your real, offline self.
  • you have a solid understanding of your dream clients & how you help them.

But this isn’t for you if you’re looking for someone to write you web copy from scratch.

And it’s also not for you if you just want a creative copywriter to put pretty words on your website. This is about tapping into who you are, what you want to say to the world & putting it into words that your clients understand, so that your web copy helps you achieve your business goals. After that, your results go gangbusters.

The Mindful Messaging Intensive helps you edit & polish your draft content & give it a professional touch. This is a co-creation process. I’m not writing all your web copy for you – I’ll help you polish it to perfection, using Skype and Google Docs.