so in 90 minutes you'll get...

from this...

  • going round & round with your messaging, never getting it any clearer

  • dreading writing or talking about yourself, terrified that you’ll come off “pushy,” “salesy” or “arrogant”

  • struggling to stay on message when you write & getting rambly

  • no one paying attention to your or your business because they’re not actually sure what you do

  • too many wrong-fit clients that drain your energy & enthusiasm for your business

  • your dream clients signing on to work with someone else less qualified than you (because they couldn't see how much better your work is).

to this...

  • clarity on what you stand for, how you want to show up in the world & what your core brand values are

  • your messaging transformed from “blah” and “rambly,” to “clear” and “to-the-point”

  • words that clearly tell your dream clients why they should hire you TODAY & how they'll benefit from working with you

  • the confidence & know-how to write to tell your story in a genuinely intriguing way (100% sleaze free)

  • web copy that both attracts your dream clients & sounds like your real, offline self

  • your dream client’s complete & total attention once they land on your website.