Here’s EXACTLY what you’ll get from your Mindful Messaging Intensive

Mindful Business Review

  • Before our session, you’ll assess your business as it stands right now & look into the future to see where you want it to go, so that we can tell your story clearly & persuasively.

  • You’ll do all this using the Mindful Business Review questions that I’ll send you as soon as you book a session with me.

Mindful Messaging Power Session

  • We get on Skype for a 90 minute power-session.

  • I’ll use your completed Mindful Messaging Business Review as our guide to delve deep into your Big Why, who your customers are, the value you add to them & what makes you different & worth paying attention to.

  • You’ll get a recording of our call to listen back for any gems that will help you next time you’re writing your own copy.

  • You'll walk away with confidence that you’re telling your story in a way that can grab attention from the right people.

Your Personalised Brand Messaging Framework

  • Within three business days after our session, I’ll send you a personalised Brand Messaging Framework that you can use when you’re writing anything that describes & promotes your business. (Because nothing feels like competition when you’re really clear about who you are & what makes you different.)

  • You’ll walk away with a Brand Messaging Framework you can easily apply in your web copy, newsletter emails, social media updates and everything in between.

  • You'll know what to say & how to say it. No more chaotic ideas & unclear brand messaging.

Free 30 Minute Follow Up

  • Two weeks later, we'll get back together on Skype to answer any follow up Qs or tweak a few sentences for maximum impact, so that you're EXTRA confident about sharing your message.

  • You can apply what you’ve learned on our call & check back in to make sure you’re on the right track.