Here's a quick way to get clear on your message & finally get some traction with your audience

Until now you had 3 options when it came to fixing your snooze-inducing brand messaging & web copy. You could:

  1. publish it, be embarrassed by it, slowly stop marketing yourself due to your website shame & watch your business die a slow, painful death
  2. invest a bunch of time (that you don’t really have because you’re busy trying to make a living) signing up for courses & trying to learn how to fix your own web copy, or…
  3. hire a copywriter to do it & hope that she gets your vibe & your clients & delivers work that actually sounds like your real, offline self.

All those options are either time consuming, expensive or just plain terrible.

You can take all the training courses & follow all the instructions that you want... but sometimes you just need some 1-to-1 support to know you're saying the right things to get the right result.

That’s where the Mindful Messaging Intensive comes in.

Get a Mindful Messaging session with me & we will co-create persuasive, passionate brand messaging & web copy together. We’ll brainstorm, collaborate & re-write your messaging & web copy in 90 minutes flat. And we’ll do it together, as a team.

You share your draft content with me in Google Docs, then we spend 90 minutes on Skype. Together, we'll get you firmly on the path to having the confidence to unapologetically share your message with the world – and with that comes a happy, healthy client roster too.

I'll help you get the right words to reach YOUR right people.