Do you have a big business message to share,

but don’t have the right words to share it (yet)?


You’ve got a business that you care deeply about. And dream clients that you genuinely want to help make big, sweeping changes to their lives or businesses. But you also...

  • don’t have enough clients
  • have clients that don’t appreciate your expertise
  • have lots of ideas but can’t get them out on paper
  • find that your writing feels forced & unnatural.

You're embarrassed & uncomfortable about sending people to your site. You’re getting next to no responses & making next to no money. You're scared about putting yourself out there & promoting yourself more when you aren't getting any traction. 

You don’t have a shortage of things to say. You just don’t have the words to say or write it for maximum impact. You might know that something is off-kilter & not know exactly why. 

Maybe you're “too close” to your message to understand just how important, resonant and meaningful it is to other people?

Or… that it’s not any of those things to anyone?

That ends now.


Here's a quick way to get clear on your message & finally get some traction with your audience

Until now you had 3 options when it came to fixing your snooze-inducing brand messaging & web copy. You could:

  1. publish it, be embarrassed by it, slowly stop marketing yourself due to your website shame & watch your business die a slow, painful death
  2. invest a bunch of time (that you don’t really have because you’re busy trying to make a living) signing up for courses & trying to learn how to fix your own web copy, or…
  3. hire a copywriter to do it & hope that she gets your vibe & your clients & delivers work that actually sounds like your real, offline self.

All those options are either time consuming, expensive or just plain terrible.

You can take all the training courses & follow all the instructions that you want... but sometimes you just need some 1-to-1 support to know you're saying the right things to get the right result.

That’s where the Mindful Messaging Intensive comes in.

Get a Mindful Messaging session with me & we will co-create persuasive, passionate brand messaging & web copy together. We’ll brainstorm, collaborate & re-write your messaging & web copy in 90 minutes flat. And we’ll do it together, as a team.

You share your draft content with me in Google Docs, then we spend 90 minutes on Skype. Together, we'll get you firmly on the path to having the confidence to unapologetically share your message with the world – and with that comes a happy, healthy client roster too.

I'll help you get the right words to reach YOUR right people.

Here’s an example of the type of draft content we can cover:

  • Website planning & strategy
  • Home page copy
  • About page copy
  • Services page copy
  • Clickable headlines
  • Call to action buttons
  • Teaser bullets
  • Autoresponder emails
  • Customer service email
  • Your core brand message
  • Blog post titles & headlines
  • Social media bios
  • Promotional social media posts
  • Sales pages
  • Client proposals
  • Info pack content for potential clients
  • Welcome pack content for new clients
  • Meta tags and description

You can choose to focus on just 1 thing & we'll get it really, reeeeally good... 

Or, we can focus on a bunch of up to 3 things & get your message seriously powerful & consistent across all your marketing. 

I don’t believe in one-sized fits all marketing. This is about understanding why you do what you do, who you do it for, & what they get out of working with you, so that you can shout it from the rooftops and start attracting more dreamy clients.


My tongue-tied, stuttering half thoughts turned into killer messages

“I feel like I'm finally on the right track. What I liked best was the incredible clarity I got out of working with Alyssa. She was able to take my tongue-tied, stuttering half thoughts and actually turn them into killer messages. Also, she's both personable and professional, & immediately put me at ease.

I will be recommending Alyssa to all of my clients who need some extra help with their copy too! I would tell people -- Wherever you're at with your copy, Alyssa can make it better. She pulls supporting information out of her client's heads & sorts through the rambling to land on just the right messages."

--- Jennifer Crego, www.jennifercrego.com

Here’s EXACTLY what you’ll get from your Mindful Messaging Intensive

Mindful Business Review

  • Before our session, you’ll assess your business as it stands right now & look into the future to see where you want it to go, so that we can tell your story clearly & persuasively.

  • You’ll do all this using the Mindful Business Review questions that I’ll send you as soon as you book a session with me.

Mindful Messaging Power Session

  • We get on Skype for a 90 minute power-session.

  • I’ll use your completed Mindful Messaging Business Review as our guide to delve deep into your Big Why, who your customers are, the value you add to them & what makes you different & worth paying attention to.

  • You’ll get a recording of our call to listen back for any gems that will help you next time you’re writing your own copy.

  • You'll walk away with confidence that you’re telling your story in a way that can grab attention from the right people.

Your Personalised Brand Messaging Framework

  • Within three business days after our session, I’ll send you a personalised Brand Messaging Framework that you can use when you’re writing anything that describes & promotes your business. (Because nothing feels like competition when you’re really clear about who you are & what makes you different.)

  • You’ll walk away with a Brand Messaging Framework you can easily apply in your web copy, newsletter emails, social media updates and everything in between.

  • You'll know what to say & how to say it. No more chaotic ideas & unclear brand messaging.

Free 30 Minute Follow Up

  • Two weeks later, we'll get back together on Skype to answer any follow up Qs or tweak a few sentences for maximum impact, so that you're EXTRA confident about sharing your message.

  • You can apply what you’ve learned on our call & check back in to make sure you’re on the right track.

YOUR investment: USD$750


But what you’re really getting is…


Real, noticeable improvements that happen right before your eyes

We’ll connect your mission, your message & your market. You’ll see your message transform on the page during our call. It’s fast. It’s potent. It’s game-changing.

An action plan

You’ll get templates, worksheets & cheatsheets that give you clear steps to implement everything we discuss during our calls. No more staying stuck. It's action time, my friend.

Clear, repeatable messaging that you can use over & over

You'll know what to say & how to say it. Next time you're writing your own copy, you’ll have a record of all the best, most important messages your clients need to hear from you to hit the buy now button.

Confirmation that your messaging is working hard for you 24/7

All your marketing efforts get better results when you’ve got extraordinary messaging. You'll notice it's easier to get traction with your dream clients. Plan for a swirl of new client enquiries in your inbox.

Confidence to proudly & effectively sell yourself (without feeling icky)

Your work is meaningful & important. But no one will notice you if you only whisper. You’ll walk away with confidence to proudly tell the world that you’re good at what you do.


so in 90 minutes you'll get...

from this...

  • going round & round with your messaging, never getting it any clearer

  • dreading writing or talking about yourself, terrified that you’ll come off “pushy,” “salesy” or “arrogant”

  • struggling to stay on message when you write & getting rambly

  • no one paying attention to your or your business because they’re not actually sure what you do

  • too many wrong-fit clients that drain your energy & enthusiasm for your business

  • your dream clients signing on to work with someone else less qualified than you (because they couldn't see how much better your work is).

to this...

  • clarity on what you stand for, how you want to show up in the world & what your core brand values are

  • your messaging transformed from “blah” and “rambly,” to “clear” and “to-the-point”

  • words that clearly tell your dream clients why they should hire you TODAY & how they'll benefit from working with you

  • the confidence & know-how to write to tell your story in a genuinely intriguing way (100% sleaze free)

  • web copy that both attracts your dream clients & sounds like your real, offline self

  • your dream client’s complete & total attention once they land on your website.

Mindful Messaging was the perfect way to begin up-levelling

“I've updated every element of my website to be more specific, clear + client focused (instead of me focused). My copy is clearer. It's been amazing insight into what I need to update. We covered a huge amount of ground. Alyssa’s sessions packed a punch + was perfect for me in my biz.

Alyssa’s pre-appointment Qs meant you really knew me + my brand, so she had a solid foundation for where to direct our conversation. It was collaborative. I felt open to receiving constructive comments + she phrased them in a really supportive way.

I think this is great for the entrepreneur who wants to invest in their work, but is still refining their message. The Mindful Messaging session was the perfect way to begin up-levelling + providing direction for where my copy needs more attention.

Alyssa rocks. She was able to step right into my brand, my language, my business soul + turn up the volume in my copy. It's potent.”

--- Jenna Ward, www.jennaward.com.au

This is for difference makers who want to write authentic, client-attracting web copy -- but don't know how

This will be ideal for you if…

  • you're building a business with the aim of making a difference to others - you want to change the world in ways big or small.
  • you’ve got a draft of your web copy prepared & it’s not working for you (yet).
  • you want to collaborative partner to help spin your draft into solid gold.
  • you believe that you deserve to make a profit, while also being of service.
  • you want your web copy to sound like your real, offline self.
  • you have a solid understanding of your dream clients & how you help them.

But this isn’t for you if you’re looking for someone to write you web copy from scratch.

And it’s also not for you if you just want a creative copywriter to put pretty words on your website. This is about tapping into who you are, what you want to say to the world & putting it into words that your clients understand, so that your web copy helps you achieve your business goals. After that, your results go gangbusters.

The Mindful Messaging Intensive helps you edit & polish your draft content & give it a professional touch. This is a co-creation process. I’m not writing all your web copy for you – I’ll help you polish it to perfection, using Skype and Google Docs.


YOUR investment: USD$750

here's how it works in 6 simple steps

1. You complete your Mindful Business Review questions

As soon as your book your session, you’ll receive a confirmation email that includes a link to the questionnaire. Take your time to answer these questions as thoughtfully & thoroughly as you can.

2. You write your draft web copy in Google Docs

It doesn’t need to be flawless - it just needs to cover all the important things you want your dream clients to know about you. You’ll share your Google Doc with me so that I can make edits to it during our Skype call.

3. We tweak, edit, & improve your web copy together, in real time

We’ll meet for 90mins & we’ll work in Skype and Google Docs. You’ll have a strong second draft by the end of this call, plus some minor “homework” to get it into shape for your final draft.

4. You get your new Brand Messaging Framework within three days of our session

This will be your go-to document whenever you’re writing about your business. It will make sure that when you're writing your own web copy, you have a record of all the best, most important messages your clients need to hear from you to hit the buy now button.

5. You’ll review & make any needed changes before our final wrap up call

You’ll have a week or two between your first call & your wrap up call. During this time, you’ll have a small amount of “homework.” You’ll make any remaining changes that need to be made before our final wrap up call. This will become your final draft.

6. We meet again 2 weeks later for a final edit

We’ll get of Skype & Google Docs again & talk through any remaining issues that are still bothering you about your copy. By the end of this call, your writing will be ready to publish to your website.


YOUR investment: USD$750


Imagine how different your business would be if you had website copy & brand messaging that you could be proud of…

How much more confident would you feel directing dream clients to your website?

How would that confidence & website pride energise your marketing efforts?

What would it feel like to have clients telling you, “It’s as if you wrote that especially for me”?

How much easier would it be for clients to have a lightbulb moment that makes them realise you’re the absolute most perfect person to help them?

How much faster would they hand over their credit card details?

You don’t need to waste days or weeks or months slowly getting clear on what you want to say & how you should say it, so that it pricks up your dream client’s ears. Taking the long, hard road means less clients & less money for you right now – and that’s really sucky for your business.

Instead... you can work with me in a 90 minute power-session & save yourself the money & headaches of figuring it out yourself. Because that’s a rollercoaster that you don’t want to be on.

It's only USD$750 to give your business the remarkable, unforgettable messaging it needs to attract your dream clients. It’s time for your business to finally have web copy that you can feel proud of. It’s an unshakeable foundation for your business. From there, everything becomes easier & ALL your marketing efforts work better for you.

Naturally, the choice is up to you. You’ve got this.


YOUR investment: USD$750

A's to your Q's

Can’t I just figure this out myself? . . .

Possibly. But you’d be wasting hundreds of hours trying to master your copywriting on your own. In the meantime, your marketing efforts are being diluted by your so-so web copy.
Or, you can spend 90mins with me & get some pro help to get the results you want in a fraction of the time. Because the words you use will make or break your ability to persuade people to buy from you & get your work into the hands of the people who need it most. It’s powerful stuff.

How much will we be able to cover in one session?. . .

That depends on the quality of your draft & how clear you are about your dream client. Progress happens much faster when you’re clear on who you’re trying to attract.
If you’ve re-written your entire site to suit your dream client & just want a professional touch to make sure it’s spot-on, then we can probably cover 6 pages in 90 minutes. It’s been done before.
But if you’re not very confident about what you’ve written & feel like it’ll need a lot of help to transform it into something publishable, then I’d estimate that we can cover 1-2 pages in 90 minutes. That's the norm.

How will we conduct our sessions? . . .

We’ll meet on Skype & work out of a Google Doc so that we can both see the changes we make to your web copy in real time. Plus, it means that we can work together even if we live on opposite sides of the world.

What do I need to have ready for our call?. . .

Two things:

  1. You need to have your draft ready in an editable Google Doc. It’s important that it’s editable, so that I can make edits with you during our call.
  2. You’ll also need to complete the Mindful Business Review questions that will be emailed to you after you book a session.

Will you help me write my draft?. . .

No. You’ll write the draft and I’ll help you polish it to perfection, so that it’s ready to publish on your website.

What if I’m not very good at writing my own draft web copy?. . .

That’s totally fine. Your draft will be completely transformed when we work together. The final version will look nothing like your first draft.
The purpose of your draft is to see your natural writing voice, what message you’re trying to convey to your clients and where we need to improve. Your draft does not need to be flawless (but the quality of it does influence how much we can cover during one session).

Can we work in Microsoft Word instead of Google Docs?. . .

No. The reason we use Google Docs is because it lets us both write & collaborate on the same document at once. You can see exactly what I type, as I’m typing it. And vice versa. Plus, Google Docs is free.
If you're new to Google Docs, you'll need to use your Google account to create your copy in a document.
But once we’re done, it’s really easy for you to copy & paste our work into a Word document. It’s practically child proof.

How do I know that I’ll like my new brand messaging & web copy?. . .

Because you’ll be there, co-creating it with me. Your input is a big part of the writing process.

How soon can I book a 90 minute session?. . .

I have 1-2 appointments available each week, depending on availability. Fortunately, when you click the button to make a booking, you get to pick a time and make sure there's availability that suits you before you pay.


YOUR investment: USD$750