Less fluff & more writing with intent

“I loved the writing prompts. The templates helped give me a great starting point to getting more laser focused copy. Less fluff and more writing with intent.

Since my brand has so much more of ME infused into it, I no longer feel awkward and I don't really question my verbiage constantly. If it feels like something I would say, I just say it. I've learned that in order to turn people on you're inevitably going to turn people off and that's ok.

Alyssa is such a dream to work with. She listens really well & helps you find the messages that are hiding deep down inside your soul. She then helps you draw them out in a way that makes everything in you click into place. You have to do a lot of soul searching, writing, & research on your end, but her insights as an observer are magical.”

-- Adina Segal, Bunny Bear Press