Get $597 worth of worksheets, templates & cheat sheets


Writing your own web copy is hard (even if it’s only a draft that you’ll share with me & me only), so I’m taking all the guesswork out of it by giving you all my worksheets, templates & cheatsheets so that you can stop stressing about what to write & how to structure it.

These worksheets give you everything you need to help you write your drafts with ease. These alone sell for $597.

Best of all, if there’s a template that you need that isn’t included in the vault, I’ll create a new one especially for you.



3x Done-For-You Facebook Newsfeed ad copy (Value: $650)

You'll get 3 ads written and customised for your specific business. These will be for HOT traffic, WARM traffic, and COLD traffic and will cover the headline, ad text and link description.

All you'll need to do is source your ad images and put the ads to the test to find out which one works best for your unique business. (Because we all know that 'one size fits all' is a myth.)



50x Done-For-You Custom Headlines (Value: $200)

They say 8 out of 10 people read the headline, but only 2 out of 10 are inspired enough by what you've written in the headline to read the rest of the page.

That can be scary.

Let me take that burden off your shoulders.

I'll give you 50 headlines that I'll write just-for-you and what makes your business different, better & worth working with. You'll get excellent, attention-grabbing, money-magnetising headlines that virtually hypnotise people and stop them in their tracks -- without having to stress about writing them yourself!

You'll be able to use these headlines during or after our work together. Use them anywhere you need to get attention on your work -- squeeze pages, sales pages, blog posts, articles, email subject lines, banners, and more.

Minutes of your life saved from procrastinating on writing your headlines: 1,394

Number of people that no longer glaze over your work because of dull headlines that make your work invisible: Infinite



Custom million dollar case study template (Value: $200)

Get people to give you million dollar testimonials by asking the perfect questions. I'll give you a list of specific-to-your-business questions you can ask to quickly and easily ask for perfect testimonials from your best clients.

One testimonial can revolutionise your business & this template makes it push-button simple to get all the BEST testimonials you could ever need!

This template will work for email testimonials, video testimonials... or ANY way you want to get that testimonial that drive sales & skyrocket your credibility.



Personal feedback on the design & how it's affecting your new copy (Value: $700)

Copywriting is the art of persuading the right people that you're The One that can solve their most annoying problems. But, sometimes, the persuasion battle can be lost or won based on how your copywriting is laid out on the page by your designer. 

I'll help you make sure the design supports the goals of each page, drags the eye where it needs to go & emphasises the most important things that'll help you dream clients recognise the value of your work.

This part of the process will help tie your copywriting & design together, so you know it's all playing nicely together.

(Pssst. I might also hook you up with some FREE tools to help you know for sure that your design is working in your favour.)