with the Brand Message Overhaul,
you get:


Up to 6 fresh, new, client-attracting pages of web copy

We’ll transform up to 6 pages of your website together -- or as many as we can fit into our sessions. You decide on which pages you need & we bring them to life, so that only the BEST clients get through your doors.

Client management process & documents

We’ll make sure your clients are a breeze to work with & know exactly what to expect every step of the way. Think: client welcome packs, proposal documents & whatever else you need.

6 One-on-one message coaching sessions

We start with an intensive 2 hour goal setting, message clarifying call, followed by 5x 90-minute sessions with me. Rent my brain, keep the results forever.

Implementation weeks

Built in time to take action without feeling overwhelmed by all your existing client work that you need to do. Every second week, we won’t have a call so that you have time to get things done.

Timeless, Fad-free knowledge of how to write your own sales copy

You’ll see for yourself how your draft becomes a persuasive powerhouse, so that you can replicate it for yourself next time you need to add a new page to your site.

Private Project Zone

You'll get access to a private, shared Google Drive folder where we'll do all our collaborating. It's home to all your worksheets, templates, cheatsheets, call recordings & homework in one go-to location.