Never have boring messaging again.
Extreme Makeover: Copywriting Edition

The Brand Message Overhaul is NOT like other copywriting services out there. Only 5 spots become available every 12 weeks or more.

When you work with other copywriters, you fill out a 10-page questionnaire & hope that what comes out the other end sounds like you, speaks to your audience & gets results. It can feel like a leap of faith.

There are no blind leaps of faith required here because I’m not your average copywriter.

A great copywriter can help you create amazing copy, but it’s not their responsibility (or often their skill-set) to help you define your message. But I help you do both.

I don’t just write your messaging & web copy for you – I show you how to write it, so that you can write more confidently & persuasively anytime you need to write something that will be seen by a client.

This is a co-creation process.

It's equal parts copywriting & confidence building.

We’re creating your messaging together, as a team, so that your voice & message is infused at every step of the way.

You write the first drafts before we get together, then we work out of Skype & a Google Doc to make improvements together in real-time. We’ll constantly check in to make sure what I’m typing feels good to you & suits your business. 

**Only 5 spots become available every 12 weeks**