here's how it works

Before our sessions

  • You get access to our shared Google Drive folder where you'll find all the templates, cheatsheets & worksheets necessary to help you prepare your draft content for an overhaul.

  • You answer 20 questions about you, your clients and your business so that I get immerse myself in your business before we meet & maximise the time we have together on the call.

  • You write your draft web copy into an editable Google Doc and share it with me at least 48 hours before our session.

During our sessions

  • We get on Zoom and work in the Google Doc together in real time to make improvements so that your web copy is clear, concise and 100% compelling to your dream clients.

  • We’ll power through as much as we can and leave some of the easier bits for you to work on in between our sessions.

  • Our goal is to have a strong page framework at the end of the session that only needs a few tweaks from you to be just right.

In between our sessions

  • You access our call recording(s), plus relevant templates, cheatsheets & worksheets in our shared Google Drive to help you write your content for your next session.

  • During our time apart, you make any changes or fill any gaps that remain in your copy (with help from your cheatsheets & worksheets).

  • We get ready to get back on Zoom and do it all over again for your next session.