What can you expect from the Brand Message Overhaul?


No more feeling lost for words. No more staying stuck. I'll be your expert guide & cheerleader to make sure your messaging gets you closer to your business goals. Progress is addictive. 


I’ve been in this business for a decade & made mistakes (times infinity) along the way. You get to learn from my mishaps & put yourself on the fast track. You get brilliant, client-attracting messaging much, much faster.


Two heads are better than one. You know what you really want the world to know. I know how to find the words to get you the attention you deserve. The two of us together? Pure magic.


I’ve got a decade of strategic writing experience, plus an English degree & an extra Business degree to go along with it. I know my stuff. Luckily for you, my brain is at your service. 


Truth time: you’re afraid to stand out & share your message because you’re not sure you call pull it off. “Can I really say that about myself?” Yes. You can.  This 3 months will prove it to you.


Writing about yourself is HARD. I bet your mind is riddled with worries like: “Can I pull this off?” “Does that make me sound so good that I can’t live up to it?” I'm here to  tell you one thing: you’ve got this. I believe in you.